Upper Year Moving Information

People moving into residence. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Except for those that are part of the Bridging Program*, winter 2021 Upper Year students are expected to leave residence without delay as soon as their final academic commitment is complete - on or before Monday, April 26 at 10:00 a.m.

Reminder: Please be sure to change your mailing address or set up a mail forwarding service through Canada Post to ensure you can still receive your mail. 

*The extension form to join the winter to spring 2021 Bridging Program is now closed.

End-of-Term Procedures and Move-out

If you decide to leave residence prior to the last day of classes, please keep the following information in mind: 

We are now within 30 days of the end of term. This means that you do not need to complete the formal cancellation process to leave residence and will not receive a prorated refund according to your residence contract terms and conditions. To start the move-out process, simply:  

  • Review and confirm your end of term procedures on your Welcome Home page 
  • Clean out your room according to the guidelines in your move-out email 
  • Remove all personal belongings from the room 
  • Return your keys to the front desk 

Move-out Policies

  • Any student found to be residing in their room beyond the 24-hour policy will be charged $100 for every additional day. 
  • Failure to return your keys to your residence front desk will result in a $100 charge to pay for a lock change. 
  • Any items left behind will be disposed of which will result in a charge to your account. 

December International Student Stay Program 

Campus Housing is pleased to host the December International Student Stay Program again this year. Students who meet the eligibility criteria from both Campus Housing and the Colleges will be able to stay in one of our suite style residences over the break. The program will have the support of Dons and on-call staff. Students will receive support moving to the building, orientation programming, regular programming activities throughout the break, as well as kitchen kits to outfit their temporary suite accommodations.

Find out more information here.