Upper Year Moving Information

People walking in front of a large welcome to campus housing sign.


Fall 2023

The move-in period is from Thursday, August 31, 2023 to Sunday, September 3, 2023. Move-in appointments are required. The August 31 to September 3 move-in period will be supported by campus volunteers who will point you in the right direction and help move you into your residence!   

International students are encouraged to arrive on Thursday August 31. Move-in appointments are required.  If you need accommodations prior to moving into residence, please see our  Short Term Accommodations page. 

If you are unable to arrive during the main move-in period (August 31- September 3), but will arrive September 4-5, you will not need to book a move-in appointment. You may move-in anytime as long as your front desk is open. See desk hours here. Please note that move-in support will not be available these days.  

If you need to arrive after the first day of class, please book one of the move-in appointments between September 6 – September 26 to let us know when you plan to arrive. For late arrivals, there will be no support staff to help with your move in, however you can bring move-in companions to help you move in. You must book your late arrival appointment by September 6.   

We cannot accommodate early move-in for the fall 2023 term. Please visit our Short Term Accommodations page for more information if you need to arrive before August 31.  

The chart below explains what you can expect on each move-in day and if you need a move-in appointment or not.   

 If you have any questions related to move-in please email movein@uwaterloo.ca 

Move-in period explained in a graphic reiterating the information in the above paragraph.

Winter 2024

You can move into residence starting on Tuesday, January 2, 2024 at noon and up until Monday January 8, 2024 any time your residence’s front desk is open.

If you will not arrive by January 8, you can move in between January 9 - January 26 and you must visit your Welcome Home page and book a late arrival appointment (booking a late arrival appointment will be available as of December 6 at 9:00 a.m.). If you do not move in by January 26, your contract will be cancelled.   

Please remember to have a physical copy of your government issued photo ID or your WatCard when picking up your keys. We cannot give you your keys without proper identification. A friend or family member cannot pick up your keys for you.

Move-in details will be provided by email to your @uwaterloo.ca email address. Campus Housing will not be able to accommodate early move-in for the winter 2024 term. Please visit our short term accommodations page for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions


You will have a 30-minute time slot to pick up your keys, but you have as much time as you need to move in all your belongings! We ask that you try to be the most efficient with your time as we have many students moving in so don’t want to hold them up. 


Yes, you are allowed as many companions as you need to help you move in. 

Where do I pick up my keys?

Your keys will be available for pick up at your residence front desk. Please refer to the contact and hours page for desk hours and location. You will need a physical piece of government ID and your student number when you go to move in.   



Not sure what you should pack and what is best left at home during your studies? Refer to What Should I Pack list, with a printable checklist of what to bring (and what not to bring) whether you’re living in a traditional room or a suite. 


Campus Housing will not be able to accommodate early move-in. The earliest date for spring 2023 move-in is May 6, 2023.  

Please see  our short term accommodations options if you need to arrive before May 6, 2023 . 


For the spring 2023 term, students who need to arrive after the first day of classes must complete a Late Arrival form or their contract will be cancelled. The late arrival form will be available later in the winter term. Instructions on how to complete a late arrival form will be provided in your move-in email that you'll receive in March.  

Students who do not pick up their keys by May 15, 2023, will be assumed to not be coming and your contract will be cancelled. By cancelling your contract, you will lose your $500 non-refundable deposit and be held financially responsible for your booking.   


Need extra time before moving in or have family and friends visiting? Our short term accommodations list has plenty of local options! 

Students who are travelling to campus and need to self isolate as per Public Health guidelines will need to do so prior to moving into residence.  Residence space can not be offered to students for this purpose. A list of options and resources can be found on the short term accommodations page that can help you find a place to stay during this time. 

Students can then make their own decision of the best accommodation option before moving into residence.  Students will be required to plan their own activities and make payment directly with the accommodation provider. 


All students must complete move out by 10:00 am on December 22, 2023. There are no exceptions to this timeline. If you have further questions, please connect with your Residence Life Coordinator.

Reminder: Please be sure to change your mailing address or set up a mail forwarding service through Canada Post to ensure you can still receive your mail. 

    End-of-Term Procedures and Move-out

    If you decide to leave residence prior to the last day of classes, please keep the following information in mind: 

    We are now within 30 days of the end of term. This means that you will not receive a prorated refund according to your residence contract terms and conditions. However, if you are moving out early, you need to complete the following steps:

    • Submit a cancellation request form, indicating your reason for leaving and expected departure date
    • Clean out your room according to the guidelines in your move-out email 
    • Remove all personal belongings from the room 
    • Return your keys to the front desk 

    Move-out Policies

    • Any student found to be residing in their room beyond the 24-hour policy will be charged $100 for every additional day. 
    • Failure to return your keys to your residence front desk will result in a $100 charge to pay for a lock change. 
    • Any items left behind will be disposed of which will result in a charge to your account.