Cancellations and Withdrawals for Academic Years 2022/2023 (Fall 2022-Spring 2023)

Undergraduate, exchange, and graduate students who decide to cancel or withdraw from their residence contract because they are academically withdrawing will be eligible to receive a prorated residence fee credit. The residence fee credit is prorated based on when a student has completely moved out of Campus Housing (belongings removed, and keys returned).  

Please note this is not applicable to student family contracts. These contracts are governed by the Residential Tenancies Act. Please see your terms and conditions for more information.

If you wish to cancel your contract or withdraw from residence, please submit a withdrawal/cancellation form

Please note the following:

  • Students will remain financially responsible if they decide to leave for reasons outside of “academically withdrawn/deferred/graduating”
  • Any academic reason for cancelling a contract must be reflected and be verifiable on a student’s Quest record
  • When you pay your $500 residence deposit, it is applied as a credit to your Quest account. The deposit will offset part of your residence fees when you become fees arranged. Students who cancel their contract will see a $500 administrative fee charged to their Quest account. The administrative charge ensures that the non-refundable residence deposit is retained by Campus Housing. 
  • Students who defer their offer to admission prior to August 1, 2022 are eligible to receive a refund of the residence deposit. Eligible students must submit a withdrawal/cancellation form prior to this deadline and select ‘deferral’ as the reason to receive the deposit refund back to the original payment method.
  • Students who have an offer of admission revoked are eligible to receive a refund of the residence deposit. Students must submit a withdrawal/cancellation form and select ‘Revoked Admission’ as the reason to receive the deposit refund back to the original payment method.

Withdrawal penalties

Our 2022/2023 terms and conditions states that students who have accepted their residence contract are held financially responsible for the full length of their contract.

This means if you cancel your contract, you will be required to pay your full residence fees.  We encourage you to review your specific residence contract for applicable withdrawal fees before submitting your request.

How to withdraw or cancel your residence contract 

1. Submit the withdrawal/cancellation form and indicate a firm move out date (please select the first day of term if you haven’t moved in yet) and select a reason why you are leaving residence.

2. Move your belongings out of residence and return your keys to the front desk of your residence community.
Please note that for every day you have your belongings in residence and/or have your residence key, you are financially responsible for residence.

3. Once we receive notification that you have moved out and your keys have been returned, we will process your cancellation or withdrawal using the key drop off date as your official move out date. You will receive an email to your UWaterloo email indicating that your withdrawal/cancellation has been processed.

4. If you would like to seek financial relief for a residence credit, please determine if a contract appeal or replacement is appropriate. 

Students can find relief to this financial responsibility by:

  • Submitting an Appeal
  • Finding a contract replacement (2022/2023 only)
  • Academically withdrawing from the University
    Students that are academically withdrawing will be relieved of their prorated residence fees once Quest status reflects their withdrawn student status.
  • Campus Housing being 100% occupied
    If Campus Housing reaches 100% occupancy for the term you have withdrawn from, you will be notified by Campus Housing.

Cancellation/Withdrawal Fees and Credits

$500 Administrative FeeWhen a student cancels or withdraws from their residence contract, a $500 administrative fee is applied to their Quest account in addition to any prorated residence fee credits.

Rebooking Incentive Credit

The rebooking incentive credit allows students who forfeited their $500 deposit when withdrawing from residence, to receive a one-time credit if they move into residence within the next academic year.