Residence Life Processes and Policies

If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, concerned about exposure , or have been medically advised to self-isolate, email as soon as possible to receive support.

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Supporting a safe and secure residence community is an important role of the Residence Life team. Residence Life Dons, Team Leaders and Residence Life Coordinators (RLCs) work together with our residents to maintain an environment conducive to learning and community building. 

When we are made aware of or observe a possible violation of the residence rules or terms and conditions of the residence contract, Residence Life staff are asked to document the incident or interaction. This documentation is captured primarily to help Residence Life staff follow up with the residents involved to ensure they have the supports they need and to further investigate the incident if necessary. Our documentation also helps Campus Housing understand common challenges with current rules and identify trends of note across the residence communities to inform how we educate our residents every day.  

If a resident is documented, they may be invited to a meeting with a Residence Life Staff member to discuss the incident and share their perspective, and they may be issued an outcome. Outcomes may include a sanction or other follow up. It’s important to note that being documented in an incident does not mean you will be in trouble or issued an outcome; often we reach out to residents who are documented to ensure they have access to the resources they need to be successful and provide support if need be. 

Residence is a shared living environment, and it is the joint responsibility of all our community members to be informed of and adhere to the rules and expectations that support the ongoing safety, comfort, and reasonable enjoyment of our community.

Escalting procedures for residence life action.

Responding to COVID-19 for Spring 2022

This information and response to COVID-19 was last updated on May 24, 2022.

Please continue to monitor important communications (including emails) from the University of Waterloo and Campus Housing regarding our response to COVID-19 and provincial and regional announcements. Our response to the pandemic is continuously adjusting as a result of changing public health guidelines, testing protocols, and consultations with medical experts.  If you have questions that are not answered on this page, please connect with your Residence Life Don or Residence Life Co-ordinator.

In response to the most recent announcement, Campus Housing has made adjustments to operations and COVID-19 rules in residence.

Until further notice, the following expectations apply in residence:

  • Universal Precautions
    • As of March 1, Public Health Guidelines (PHG) allow for removal of all restrictions (occupancy and social distancing) in all common spaces with the exception of mask wearing. 
    • Masks must be worn in all common spaces, hallways, and washrooms.
  • Common Areas
    • As of March 1, Campus Housing in accordance with Public Health Guidelines and aligning with Campus will complete the following changes:
      • All Cafeterias reset to full seating capacity.
      • All Great Halls reset to full seating capacity.
      • All lounges reset to full capacity.
  • CMH/REV Gyms
    • As of March 1, gyms within Claudette Miller Hall Residence and Ron Eydt Village Residence will reopen for student use.
  • Front Desk sign-outs
    • Equipment sign-outs (table tennis, pool, gaming consoles, board games) have resumed.
  • Guest Policy
    • Only students with residence contracts are allowed in residence communities. 
    • Residents can visit within any Campus Housing residence building.
    • Residents can gather indoors to a maximum of 10 people in their residence unit. This includes the individuals who are assigned to that unit.
    • It is your responsibility to communicate with your roommates about if and when you are having other guests visit.

Universal Precautions

Icons of a mask, two people physical distancing, and handwashing

All individuals must continue to follow all other Public Health guidelines, including wearing a clean face covering (ideally, a two- or triple-layer mask) in all buildings and residence areas, maintaining 2 metres of physical distance between yourself and others, and practicing excellent hand hygiene (hand washing for at least 20 seconds or using hand sanitizer).

Following these universal precautions in all settings will be the strongest measures you can take to reduce the spread of COVID-19 among yourself and others and keep our community safe.

If you have questions about COVID-19 in residence, please see our Spring Information Page or the main Coronavirus webpage.

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