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Fast facts

Size: 1,650 residents

Style: Suite

Rooms: 2*-, 3- or 4-bedroom suite (*Please note that due to the limited number of 2-person units for first-years, they are not rankable on the Campus Housing Preference Form and 2-Bedroom suites may not be available for Fall/Winter contracts depending on demand)

Meal plan: Optional

Community: First-year and upper-year students

Mascot: UWP Unicorn

First-year contracts: Fall-Winter, Fall-Spring

Upper-year contracts: Fall-Winter, Fall-Spring

Building: UWP consists of 4 courts and 2 halls. All floors are co-ed, with 20 - 50 residents and 1 don living on each floor. Each suite is single gender. Upper-years can request a mixed-gender suite.

Features and amenities

Eatery and dining

The Market in CMH provides a multitude of options from prepared foods, made to order options, the campus’ biggest salad bar to produce and take away meals to enjoy later. 

The Market includes:

Booster Juice: Order up your favourite smoothie for when you're on the go.

Chef the Farmer:100% all-beef fresh, never frozen burgers, french fries made in house, and a huge selection of grilled items including chicken and veggie options!

FreshXPRESS Entrees: Grab and go cold meals to heat up when you're ready to eat them.  Some require assembly such as our stir-fry kits. Don't worry they come with instructions!

Creation Station: A rotation of customizable meals including omelets, pastas, curries, stir fries and more!

Hot Dish: The go-to spot for international meals! Wide selection of hot entrée options, all weighted; so take a lot of one, or a little of everything!

Barra de Burrito: Customizable burritos or burrito bowls.

The Deli: Local meats from Stemmler's Deli on artisan bread or wraps with all the fillings you desire.

Upper Crust: Customize your own wood-stone pizza, quesadilla or nachos.

The Carvery: Flat bread pizzas during lunch and carved meats and specialty items during dinner. 

Micro-Grocery Store: We also offer a few grocery items for convenience such as milk, eggs, dried pasta and sauces, and a ton of fresh produce including lettuce, carrots and other vegetables and fruits such as bananas, apples and much more!

Front desk icon

Front Desk (at CMH)

Available to all residents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Front Desk offers: printing, stamp purchases, parcel pick-up and mail distribution. You can also visit the front desk to sign out: equipment, facilities, movies and games.

Unlimited wireless internet icon.

Wireless Internet

All rooms and common areas include an unlimited high-speed Internet connection.

Don support icon.

Don support

Dons are upper-year students living on each floor in residence to provide students with mentorship and support.

All inclusive icon.

Utilities included

Heat, electricity, water and internet are all included with your residence fee.​

Laundry icon.

Laundry facilities

WatCard operated laundry facilities are located in the main laundry facility. Irons and ironing boards are also available from the Front Desk for you to use.

Map icon.

Centrally Located

UWP is centrally located to both campus and several off-campus hot spots including Waterloo Park and University Plaza. UWP also has access to two LRT stations nearby. 

Multi faith room icon.

Shared amenities

As a UWaterloo resident, you have access to amenities located in other residences including: gaming tables, movies, multi-faith room, music rooms, fitness rooms, tutoring centres, cafeterias and study rooms.


it service desk

IT Service Desk

Located in the V1 community centre, the Residence IT Service Desk offers free technical support and services to all residents.

Ping pong icon.

Community centre

UWP residents have access to: ping pong, foosball, board games movies, and a TV lounge outfitted with a 65 4K TV.

Study room icon.

Study and meeting rooms

Residents are able to book shared rooms and spaces for group meetings or study sessions.

Room details and floor plans

All bedrooms in UWP include:

  • Twin-sized bed and mattress (36x76x6)
  • Exception: Double beds on Upper-Year floors 2 and 3 in Beck Hall (54 x 75 x 7)

  • Desk, lamp, chair and waste basket
  • Dresser, closet and vanity
  • Unlimited high speed Internet
  • Rooms are cable-ready. Students must make their own arrangement with a local cable company once they arrive.

All suites in UWP include:

  • 2 - 4 bedrooms
  • 1 - 2 full bathrooms
  • Storage closet(s)
  • Living room with chairs and end tables.
  • Kitchen with a table, chairs, full-sized fridge and stove
  • Curious about what to pack? We've listed what to bring (and what not to bring) for your move into residence!


Wellesley, Wilmot, Waterloo and Woolwich Courts

UW Place - Courts - 3 Bedroom Suite

Approximate room measurements: 3.0 x 2.9 metres

UW Place - Wellesely Court - 4 Bedrooms

This layout type only found in Wellesley Court.

Eby Hall

UW Place - 3 bedroom suite - eby hall

Approximate room measurements: 3.6 x 4.6 metres

UW Place - Eby Hall - 3 bedroom suite - layout 2

Another possible Eby Hall Suite layout

Beck Hall

Beck Hall Lofts

Approximate bedroom measurements: 3.0 x 2.9 metres. 

Are there all-gender washrooms in residence?

We have a place for you. We want two-spirit, trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming students to feel welcome and safe living in our residences. All-gender washrooms are spaces that individuals can access and use, regardless of their gender identity. Unlike gender-specific washrooms which are designated as being for either women or men, all-gender washrooms are available for use by anyone. 

Each first-year residence building has at least one all-gender washroom in our central complex area to use when studying and hanging out with friends, dining at an eatery or visiting a front desk.  If you are living in Claudette Millar Hall, each floor has all-gender washrooms. Our other first-year residence communities (dorm-style and suite-style) are organized by gender, where students who identify as female live together, and students who identify as male live together.  Washrooms in Ron Edyt Village and Village 1 are designated as being for either women or men. In suite-style residences (UWP, CLV and MKV), room assignments are based on gender and the washrooms are shared by the roommates within the suite. If you wish to not disclose your gender, we will never ask you to.   

If you would like to speak with someone before completing the First-Year Guarantee Residence Application, please email us at housing@uwaterloo.ca and we will connect you with our Residence Life team who are ready to support you and will find you the space in residence that works best for you. 

Understanding your UWP assignment

When getting placed in UWP you may have questions about your assignment. For example if you are placed in UWP-4 you've been placed in a single room in a 4 bedroom suite. If you are placed in UWP-3 you've been assigned to a single room in a 3 bedroom suite. If you've been placed in a UWP-Double - you've been placed in the double room of a 2-bedroom suite and if placed in UWP-2 you've been assigned a single room in a 2 bedroom suite. 

Please see the below codes for which UW Place building you've been assigned. 

Code Building
BH Beck Hall
EH Eby Hall

Waterloo Court North

WAS Waterloo Court South

Wilmot Court North

WIS Wilmot Court South

Wellesley Court North

WES Wellesley Court South

Woolwich Court North


Woolwich Court South

Cleaning and housekeeping

All residents are responsible for the day-to-day cleaning and maintenance of their suites (this includes their bedroom, washrooms, and living spaces i.e. kitchen/lounge). A member of our cleaning services staff will clean the common areas of the building daily including central complex washrooms, foyers and hallways.

All maintenance and repair requests should be reported to the UWP Maintenance team right away. 

Contact information

Mailing address

Mail is delivered Monday to Friday by Canada Post. Each suite has a mailbox located on the main floor of their residence building. Canada Post and other courier companies will attempt to deliver packages at least once before rerouting them to the nearest postal outlet. 

*Note: Do not include University of Waterloo or the name of your residence (i.e. Beck Hall) in the address. If you include these pieces of information your mail will be sent on campus and eventually be returned to sender. It must come directly to the address below in order for you to receive it. 

Beck Hall

Your Name
Your Suite Number
108 Seagram Dr
Waterloo Ontario Canada
N2L 3B9

Eby Hall

Your Name
Your Suite Number
159 University Ave. West
Waterloo Ontario Canada
N2L 3E8

Wellesley Court North

Your Name
Your Suite Number
155 University Ave. West
Waterloo Ontario Canada
N2L 3E5

Wellesley Court South

Your Name
Your Suite Number
157 University Ave. West
Waterloo Ontario Canada
N2L 3E5

Wilmot Court North

Your Name
Your Suite Number
163 University Ave. West
Waterloo Ontario Canada
N2L 3E5

Wilmot Court South

Your Name
Your Suite Number
161 University Ave. West
Waterloo Ontario Canada
N2L 3E5

Waterloo Court North

Your Name
Your Suite Number
106 Seagram Dr.
Waterloo Ontario Canada
N2L 3B8

Waterloo Court South

Your Name
Your Suite Number
104 Seagram Dr.
Waterloo Ontario Canada
N2L 3B8

Woolwich Court North

Your Name
Your Suite Number

100 Seagram Dr
Waterloo Ontario Canada
N2L 3B8

Woolwich Court South

Your Name
Your Suite Number

102 Seagram Dr.
Waterloo Ontario Canada
N2L 3B8

Residence location

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Frequently asked questions

Can you share my information with friends or family?

  • No. If someone other than you, the applicant, is trying to obtain information on your behalf, we are not able to release your information to them.
  • We will only release your information to you, the applicant, as per Policy 46.
  • We care about your privacy.

What should I do if I notice unsafe conditions in my residence building?

  • If you notice unsafe conditions in or around our residence buildings, report them to a nearby Housing staff member right away. As per Policy 34, we all have a responsibility to keep our campus safe.

Is tap water safe to drink?

  • Yes. The Region of Waterloo maintain a high standard of quality assurance to ensure our tap water is safe to drink. For more information about the Region’s water treatment practices, please visit The Region of Waterloo website.

What happens if I lose my key(s)?

  • Lost keys should be reported to your residence Front Desk immediately.
  • If you lose your key(s), a spare one will be issued to you for up to 7 business days. If after 7 business days your key(s) has not been returned, you will be assessed a $100 fee to cover the cost of a lock change, and you (and your roommates, if applicable) will be given a brand new set of keys.

Who should I contact if I have a maintenance request?

  • If an item in your room needs repairs, please contact the maintenance team in your residence building at the following email address: