Room Changes & Cancellations

Room Changes 

We understand that you may experience challenges with your room assignment and want a room change. You may be required to meet with a Residence Life Coordinator, engage in mediation and/or register with Accessible Housing if necessary, before a change can be considered. Learn more about room changes.

Withdrawal and Cancellations 

Considering cancelling your residence contract or withdrawing from residence? We are sorry to see you go. Learn more about our withdrawal and cancellation process


Contract Replacements 

If you are withdrawing from residence or cancelling your residence contract while remaining academically enrolled at the University, you can find another University of Waterloo student who meets Campus Housing eligibility criteria to replace you in your contract. This releases you from the financial responsibility to pay for your contract. Learn more about how the replacement process works.   

Contract Appeals and Medical Grounds

If you are withdrawing from residence or cancelling your residence contract based on medical grounds and/or other exceptional circumstances outside of your control, but remaining academically enrolled at the University, an appeal is required to get your residence fees reimbursed. All decisions regarding reimbursement of residence fees will be made by the Residence Fees & Contract Appeals Committee. Financial relief by appeal is not guaranteed. Learn more about our three-step appeal process