Residence Outbreak information

For the most up-to-date information on how we're handling the outbreak in residence please see our Residence Life Processes and Policies page.

Contract Terms & Conditions

Every student who lives in residence must accept a contract and agree to the terms and conditions. 

Before accepting your residence contract, be sure to carefully read the Residence Terms and Conditions for your assigned residence community. The residence contract is a binding legal agreement between yourself and Campus Housing. 

Living in residence means not having to sign a lease but you will have to agree to your Residence Terms and Conditions. This document outlines the application process, fees for cancelling your contract, end of term move-out, residence rules and regulations and enforcement of those rules. 


Students will need to accept an undergraduate contract for either 1- or 2-terms; fall/winter or fall/spring (2-terms), or winter or spring only (1-term). 

2019/20 Undergrad Terms and Conditions  [.pdf]

2020/21 Undergrad Terms and Conditions [.pdf]

2021/22 Undergrad Terms and Conditions  [.pdf]

Single graduate

Single graduate students accept a 1-term contract. There is an opportunity to renew if conditions of residency are met. 

2019/20 Single Grad Terms and Conditions [.pdf]

2020/21 Single Grad Terms and Conditions [.pdf]

2021/22 Single Grad Terms and Conditions [.pdf]


Students with families in CLV-North agree to a tenancy agreement in our family housing community. 

2019/20 Family Terms and Conditions  [.pdf] 

2020/21 Family Terms and Conditions [.pdf]


Important Fee Information

Pro-rated contracts 

If you accept a residence contract for a term that have already begun, residence fees will be prorated from the date of contract acceptance. 

Financial Responsibility 

Our terms and conditions state that students who have accepted their residence contract are held financially responsible for the full length of their contract. 

This means—should you choose to cancel your contract—you will be required to pay your full residence fees. 

Learn more about our withdrawal or cancellation policies here