Columbia Lake Village is a safe, quiet, and conscientious community that offers an affordable two-bedroom townhouse option for students with families. Why make the Columbia Lake Village Graduate Community your home?  

  • 12-month renewable contracts (August 1 through July 31 annually) with 60 days’ notice terminations 
  • Live in a safe, quiet, clean community  
  • Surrounded by other student families 
  • Reliable and trustworthy maintenance services (with a great landlord!) 
  • Onsite support from Campus Housing and Residence Life Dons 
  • All-inclusive living (utilities, high-speed Internet, community events) 
  • Great support and programming for spouses and international families 
  • Community Centre and recreational programming for children  

Learn more about Columbia Lake Village-North’s building and amenities, and explore online layouts/pictures.  


Term details and how to apply

Family Housing Waitlist

To apply for family housing in the CLV-North community, please submit an application to the family housing waitlist through the link below. Should we reach your spot on the waitlist, a Campus Housing staff member will reach out to you as soon as possible with a residence offer. Please note: Offers are not guaranteed and depend on when/if current student family residents decide to leave Campus Housing. As well, units may become available at any time throughout the academic year and a contract start date may not coincide with term start dates.

Applied to the waitlist and have questions? Check out these commonly asked questions about being on the waitlist

Please note: You need to have your WatIAM activated to log in to the system.


Columbia Lake Village-North (CLV-North) is designed for graduate students, student couples, and students with families. 

CLV-North Family Eligibility 

Our “family” definition follows the current definition of Census Family under Statistic Canada from Nov. 16, 2015. This includes:  

  • A married couple and the children, if any, of either and/or both spouses;   
  • A couple living common law and the children, if any, of either and/or both partners; or   
  • A lone parent of any marital status with at least one child who is living in the same dwelling of that child or those children.   

Additional Terms of Occupancy 

  • Continued residence in family housing is dependent on continued full-time student status; if your student status changes, please contact your RLC.
  • Continued residence in family housing is also dependent on having up to 4 individuals in the unit, no more. See the FAQs below for more information.
  • Once you are living in student family housing, you will receive via email once a year an offer to renew your tenancy pending eligibility  (generally, in late May or early June).

  • At that time, you will be given instructions on how to renew your contract for an additional year (pending eligibility). 

More information about our family eligibility criteria can be found in our Family Terms and Conditions

Frequently asked questions

Incoming Student Families  

Current Student Families