We’d like to welcome you to the University of Waterloo and hope you enjoy your stay.  Should you have questions regarding parking at anytime during your stay please feel free to ask the enforcement officers (identified by bright yellow shirts with Sustainable Transportation decals) or stop by the Sustainable Transportation Office.  Any of the staff would be happy to assist.

The following is intended to help make your stay pleasurable.

Visitor Parking is available in lots C (C1 and C2), Q (Q1 and Q2) N, W, X, J,S,V, UWP at a cost of $7.00 per day. After 6:30pm W lot is $1.50/ ½ Hour.

Visitor parking in lot M is $14.00 per day.

If you choose to park in either J,S, or V lot, please purchase your ticket in S lot first. Lots J,S,V and UWP allow for 24 hour parking from the time of purchase. We also have visitor parking in Lots H and D lot.

H Lot allows for visitors on non co-op days at $3.00 an hour to a maximum of $14. After 6:00 pm and on weekends this lot is a flat rate of $7.00.

D Lot allows for visitors at $3.00 an hour to a maximum of $21. After 4:30 p.m. and on weekends the lot is a flat rate of $7.00.

For more information on H Lot/ D Lot click here

Co-op dates can be found here

H/D Lot will only take Master Card, American Express or Visa. 

H Lot will not accept Tim Hortons Visa or Visa Debit.  There are signs on the machine at both the entrance and exit to indicate same.  There are help buttons on all machines which will ring into the office. 


To Enter the Lot

  • Push the flashing green button that is indicated on machine
  • Ticket will vend
  • Remove ticket
  • Gate will vend – enter the lot
  • Payment will be made on exit with credit card or debit card only.

To Exit the Lot

  • Insert ticket in the slot that is indicated on machine
  • The machine will swallow the ticket and calculate the rate
  • Tab/Insert payment card on/in indicated reader or slot
  • Remove card

There will be a momentary delay while it prints the receipt

Machine will spit out receipt – remove the receipt and the gate will vend

Meter Parking is available around campus. We have meters at Optometry. Please be advised it accepts exact coin, they do not accept debit/credit card.

$2.00 1 HR
$1.00 30 MIN
$0.25 7.5 MIN
$0.10 3 MIN
$0.05 1.5 MIN

AMP Mobile pay

We have AMP mobile pay available across campus for locations and more information click here.

View the map of the available parking lots

Accessible parking spaces are available in designated areas across campus.  A University of Waterloo permit along with a Ministry of Transportation permit must be displayed to park in an accessible parking space.  Daily permits can be purchased at Sustainable transportation or pay and display machines where applicable.

Enjoy your stay!