Rates for Parking

Permit parking

Faculty/Staff Permit

Current Rate: $53.00 per month plus taxes ($59.89)

Transponder controlled access to reserved parking lots. Fees can be paid in office or, if eligible, via payroll deduction. Faculty and staff are guaranteed a space in their assigned lot. Waiting lists are maintained where space is not available.

Retiree Term Permit

Current rate: $179.67 (price includes tax and a 25% discount) 

Monthly permit passes can be purchased at the regular rate of $59.89. 

Unreserved Student

Current Rate: $208.50 per term plus taxes ($235.61)

Students may purchase a permit for use in all lots designated unreserved. Unreserved parking lots will have pay & display machines available for cash payment for part-time Students and Visitors. Students will have access to all unreserved parking lots and are required to move to the next available lot if one location is full.

Resident parking

Current Rate: $208.50 per term

(taxes do not apply to residence permits).

Resident permits are available for students living in University of Waterloo Place, Columbia Lake Village-South, Columbia Lake Village-North,  Velocity, Village 1, Ron Eydt Village and Mackenzie King Village. Students must provide resident documentation after applying to obtain a parking permit to the Parking Service office.

Visitor parking

View lot locations on the University of Waterloo parking map.

Credit card payments are currently available at the machines in C Lot, N Lot, X lot, M lot, S Lot, and W Lot.  Machines in these lots do not issue change.

The following parking lots are available for use by visitors to campus;

  • Parking Lot C  - $7.00
  • Parking Lot Q  - $7.00
  • Parking Lot N -  $7.00
  • Parking Lot W - $7.00
  • Parking Lot M -  $8.00
  • Parking Lot X - $7.00

Parking Lot H - $3.00 hourly Max $14  (during non co-op days)

After 6:00 p.m H Lot is a flat rate of $7.00 as well as on weekends.

Parking Lot D - $3.00 hourly Max $21

After 4:30 p.m D lot is flat rate of $7.00 same guidelines apply on weekends on weekends.

Parking Lot A - $3.00 hourly Max $10

After 4:30 p.m A lot is flat rate of $7.00 as well as on weekends.

Parking Lot R - Only available for visitors after 4:30pm

R lot is flat rate of $7.00 as well as on weekends.

Reservations for D lot, A lot, H lot, & R lot can be sent to strnsprt@uwaterloo.ca and more information for D lot, R lot, A lot, & H lot can be found here

Exit machines at D, A, H, & R lot will only take MasterCard or Visa.  It will not accept Amex, Tim Hortons Visa, MasterCard Debit or Visa Debit.  There are signs on the machine at both the entrance and exit to indicate same.  There are help buttons on all machines which will ring into the office.  

***Parking lots T and L are not available for visitors at any time.

Residence visitor parking

The following parking locations have a pay and display machine available for use by visitors to the residence. The permit provides for 24 hours from the date and time purchased. Display on your dash.

Parking lot S - $7.00 may use in S, J, V

Parking lot Columbia Lake Village (CLV) - $7.00 may use in CLV only.

Parking lot University of Waterloo Place - $7.00 may use at University of Waterloo Place only.

AMP Mobile Pay

Parking Services has a new way to pay for parking! This is a new convenient way to pay from your phone and extend parking as needed without going back out to your car! for more detail click Here