Appeal an infraction

All parking penalties are subject to review by the university. Requests for review must be submitted within 14 days of the infraction date. Infractions that are appealed are reviewed and adjudicated by the Property Infractions Committee members independently representing student, staff and faculty sectors of the university community and in no way represent the bias of the University Special Constable Service and Sustainable Transportation. Correspondence will be sent to Appellant’s address.

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Review/maintenance request

All parking infractions are computer tracked for administrative and maintenance purposes, and all requests for review are objectively assessed by Sustainable Transportation prior to submission to the Property Infractions Committee. Please provide specific details and/or evidence (witness contacts, medical or auto repair bills, photos or sketches), which will substantiate your case. Be as precise as possible.

Note: Parking is permitted in authorized areas only and this is defined by signage and by yellow lines painted on the pavement surface. “No Parking”, signs, are required only at 100 yard intervals. Missing, broken or raised gates do not permit unauthorized parking, unless this is clearly reflected in the signage at the lot entrance. The following items are not considered to be grounds for successful appeal: unauthorized parking only for short periods, failure to observe signs or regulations, personal convenience, or failure to properly display decal, visitor or temporary parking permit, transcription errors when writing out a ticket or other subjective concerns.

Parking infractions and appeals
The university grounds are private property and regulations for the operation of motor vehicles are developed pursuant to the University of Waterloo Traffic and Parking Regulations and the Ontario Highway Traffic Act. Parking restrictions are clearly posted and penalties are applied. Restrictions and penalties are included as terms or conditions of sale within all annual, monthly, daily, and hourly parking contracts. Acceptance of a parking permit includes acceptance of all terms and conditions provided therein.

All parking and traffic infractions are subject to review. All requests are assessed by University of Waterloo Parking Services prior to review by the Property Infractions Committee. All decisions of the Property Infractions Committee are final.

Outstanding fines are applied to accounts through vehicle license numbers. Registered owners of vehicles are traced through the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. The university may take action against persons found in default of fines through:

  • withdrawal of parking privileges
  • towing of offending vehicles at owner’s expense
  • sealing of students records
  • submission of account to a collection agency

Please drive carefully