About Parking

General information

All community members and visitors are required to pay for parking while on campus.  You may either purchase a parking permit or pay the daily fee at our visitor lots.  With approximately 6,000 parking spaces, the main campus is  comprised of 22 various lots. They include permit only, visitor, and mixed usage lots.  University of Waterloo’s Sustainable Transportation continually strives to meet the ever-increasing demands of our growing community.

Top parking tips for a better campus

The University of Waterloo has many viable parking options for short & long term parking. 

  • Map out where you will be parking prior to your visit to campus
  • Park in designated areas only and be sure to read the signs carefully to ensure you are parking in an appropriate space
  • Be respectful and considerate; do not park in or block fire routes, medical spaces, bus stops, building or walkway entrances

Contact Sustainable Transportation at 519-888-4567 x33100. We are here to help you.

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