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Please make sure you visit the Changes to parking page for information on the changes coming in May.

Faculty/Staff Parking Permit

Staff/Faculty Lots : X Lot, O Staff Lot, R Lot, K Lot, L Lot,

Q Lot, B Lot, UWP, A Lot, T Lot, H lot

To apply for a Staff/Faculty Permit, please stop by Sustainable Transportation with your driver's license, employee number and ownership for any family owned vehicles you will be driving on campus.

The cost of Parking is $53.00 plus taxes ($59.89) a month If you are full time or on a contract for a minimum period of 6 months or more, you can apply to have monthly payments deducted directly from your paycheck. If you choose to purchase monthly in office our office is only accepting credit and/or debit, we are no longer accepting cash.

Motorcycle parking costs $53 plus taxes ($59.89) per month. This is for those looking for parking strictly for their motorcycle.

Temporary Parking Accommodations must be approved by Occupational Health. Please see our Guidelines for Parking Accommodations for more information. 

Help prevent crime-Always lock your vehicle

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