Summer Parking Suspension

The University of Waterloo is taking steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote healthy lifestyles, and improve quality of life. In support of this initiative Sustainable transportation will suspend your parking privileges (while still maintaining your place in your current lot) during summer months to encourage biking and walking to work.

This suspension can only be used from April 1 - October 31 in any given year. 

The minimum length of suspension is four months.

If you wish to suspend your parking, in support of an alternative travel mode, please stop by Sustainable transportation with your current permit, transponder and photo identification. You will be asked to sign a “cancel deductions form” and surrender your permit and transponder. When you decide to start driving again you will need to stop by Sustainable transportation and reactivate your permit and deductions. Failure to do so by October 31st can result in you losing your spot in your lot.

Please note parking permits will only be putting permits on on hold for HR approved leaves outside of the Summer Suspension, it cannot be put on hold for vacations.