About us

Our Residence Story

For over 50 years, Campus Housing has been a trusted housing provider among students, faculties and staff, and the wider Waterloo community. We are values-driven, motivated by our primary value to Put Students First, and have continually adapted our work to fit students’ evolving needs. This means blending our experience with a commitment to innovation and collaboration to provide the best services, experiences, and spaces possible while ensuring students have a safe space to call home.   

We offer the best place for students to academically succeed, create connections, and find the resources and support they need. 

Our Values

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Value 1: Put Students First
We are committed to helping students learn and learning from them, too. We treat every student with empathy and respect and consider how our work contributes to student success.

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Value 2: Make Our Team Stronger
As a department, we recognize the contributions of everyone, and invite diverse perspectives and experiences. We seek feedback, ask for help, and welcome support. We go above and beyond to help each other and do so with kindness always.

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Value 3: Embrace Growth
Innovation is the heartbeat of Waterloo; and Campus Housing is no different. We continually assess and improve the work we do, taking risks that could lead to growth. We commit to growth on a professional and personal level and support the growth of others around us.

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Value 4: See the Bigger Picture
We work with other units and partners to achieve common goals, always mindful of how our decisions impact others. We are responsible stewards of resources.

What We Do

We are all here to help our students succeed. Our mission is to foster growth and learning opportunities by providing a safe, accessible, clean and supportive home where all students succeed personally and academically.  

The Campus Housing team is comprised of five business units: 

  • Student Development and Residence Services
  • Residence Facilities  
  • Occupancy and Marketing Services 
  • Shared Services
  • Office of the Director

See our Housing Organizational Chart for full team break downs.(updated May 2024)

Operating budget

Campus Housing is a non-profit unit at the University of Waterloo. 

We aim for transparency about where our money comes from, where the money goes (services, initiatives, repairs), and proposed future fees: