Room Changes

Room change requests 

Due to limited space in residence, room change requests will only be considered on a limited basis. Students must work with Residence Life staff to explore opportunities for support in residence. Preference-based room change requests will not be considered at this time.  

If you have concerns with your current room, please reach out to your Don to discuss a resolution. If your Don determines further support is appropriate for you, they will refer you to your Residence Life Coordinator.  


Room changes due to a medical need may require further documentation from a medical professional. Please contact your Residence Life Co-ordinator (RLC) by email. You can find out more about our accessible housing process here.

Stream Change

Academic stream changes affect your residence room booking, contract, and fees. 

If you make a request to change stream, you may have to move to a different residence community for the second term of your contract.

If you have any questions, please contact  Housing administration.

Roommate / suitemate concern

Living with other people can be difficult at times but it is essential that residents learn to live together through cooperation and respect. It is advised that all residents with roommates complete the Roommate Agreement Contract .  

Please note that room changes for roommate/suitemate concerns are not accepted within the first month of the term. 


If there is a roommate conflict, residents must first attempt to resolve the matter between them. This includes talking about the issue or creating a roommate agreement contract.  


If residents are unable to resolve a conflict on their own, they must contact their Don who will then facilitate a mediation with the parties involved.  


If the conflict cannot be resolved, or should a resident have other questions regarding the room change process, they may schedule an appointment with a Residence Life Coordinator (RLC) by email.  


At your appointment, your RLC will assess the situation. If it is agreed that a room change is appropriate, the RLC will begin the administrative process. Please note that room availability may be limited. Room changes are conducted on a priority basis and may take a few weeks. 


Once the administrative process is complete, your RLC will send you an email confirming your move and provide you with additional information regarding the room change process. 

Note the following: 

  • A resident may be moved at their RLCs discretion. 

  • Some bed spaces may appear to be vacant, however they may not be available. 

Room change process

Step 1 

Upon receiving an approval email, go to the Residence Front Desk of your new room location, to pick up your new keys to your new room. 

  • Clear out all of your belongings from your room/suite and move them to your NEW room. 
  • Clean your OLD room and all common areas (dust, vacuum, wipe down counters, etc.). 
  • Arrange your furniture back to its original location. 

Your room should look like it did when you first moved in! 

Step 2 

Once you are fully moved into your new room, return your old room keys to the Residence Front Desk of your old room location. 

Step 3 

Set up a time to meet with your new Don to introduce yourself. Meet with your new roommates (if applicable) and complete a new roommate agreement form. Introduce yourself at the next community meeting.