Payment Options

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Paying your student account fees

  • You can use a combination of payment methods to pay the balance on your student account.

  • Payments are applied to any prior term balances owing first. Please review your account a week after making a domestic payment or two weeks after making an international payment to ensure your payment covers balances owing for all terms.

  • Payments sent to your student account are intended to pay fees charged to your student account, such as tuition, incidental fees, residence, and meal plan. Do not send funding intended for personal living expenses to your student account.

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We cannot accept payment by:

  • Personal cheque

  • Credit Card

    • Significant fees would be charged to the university for offering this payment method, which would result in increased cost to the student.
    • Note that some credit card companies offer a bill payment feature which might result in additional fees to the payor.
    • The university is committed to encouraging students to avoid using credit cards to finance their education. The interest charged on credit card balances would substantially increase the financial burden for students over the course of their studies.
  • Cash, debit, INTERAC or e-mail money transfer

  • Instalment payment plans

Generating a receipt

Your account details are available online in Quest. Follow the instructions to view your account and generate a PDF document which you can use as a bill, receipt or statement of your account.

Please note for pre-payments:

  • If there is no Finance tile available in Quest your payment has not yet arrived. Continue to check your account daily.
  • Payments to your Quest account will appear as a negative number indicating a credit.

For payments received prior to your first term, the Statement Term may not necessarily reflect your Term of Admission.