Making a Payment From a Bank Outside Canada

*In response to the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, our financial service providers have suspended all payment transactions into and out of Russia.*

Select your preferred payment option below or get a quote from both before making your choice.

  • Allow 14 days for your international payment to arrive on your student account. You can track the payment on the Convera or CIBC payment portal.

  • University of Waterloo does not encourage or support sending your international payment using a third-party payment service other than one of our authorized international payment options shown above. If you choose to use an unauthorized payment service,

    • University of Waterloo is not responsible for any issues you may experience:

      • a delay in the arrival of the payment

      • fees arranged extension fees associated with a late payment

      • tracking the payment

      • refunding the payment

  • We do not provide our university banking information to students.

  • Do not send funding intended for personal living expenses to your student account. All international payments sent to your student account using one of our authorized international payment options will be held to be applied to future student account charges, or refunded internationally to the original bank account.