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  1. Sept. 12, 2016Employee or Contractor?

    Re-release of process requirements for determining status

    Countless services are provided to the University of Waterloo on any given day, and we are required to effectively differentiate between University of Waterloo employees and independent contractors when paying these workers.

  2. Aug. 30, 2016Financial System Implementation Project Update

    As the hot, dry days of summer come to a close, the financial system project team has been hard at work and would like to highlight all the progress they’ve made over the last few months.

  3. June 2, 2016“Student Accounts” becomes “Student Financial Services”

    As part of the reorganization of the Finance department that has been in progress for the last several years and the unification of Finance under one roof in EC5, Student Accounts is now operating as the Student Financial Services group within Finance. 

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