Ideas start here

Ideas start at the University of Waterloo, and the Office of Research helps convert ideas into opportunity.

The Office of Research is the university's central point connecting scientists on campus or those associated with Waterloo to opportunities for funding and services, including commercialization. Office of Research staff support researchers through the many phases of research including ethics review and managing funds.

Research is an integral and intensive area at Waterloo. In 2019-2020, Waterloo attracted more than $247 million from public and private sources to fund research across a spectrum of challenges. Waterloo's strength in research excellence is supported by partnerships with industry, creating opportunities that generate new knowledge and further Canada's economy.

  1. Sep. 21, 2022CFI funding awarded to Waterloo researchers

    Twenty-three University of Waterloo based infrastructure projects have been awarded more than $3.8-million to tackle national and global challenges, according to an announcement this morning from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI). CFI has committed $64 million in research infrastructure funding through the John R.

  2. Sep. 20, 2022University of Waterloo launches the Sustainable Futures initiative
    Grey sky with sun burst and Sustainable Futures text and logo

    The University of Waterloo is pleased to announce the launch of the Sustainable Futures initiative to accelerate holistic approaches to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with a focus on the interconnections between energy, climate and water. The Sustainable Futures initiative is a collaboration that brings together the 

  3. Sep. 13, 2022Two Waterloo researchers among the RSC medal & award winners

    In addition to the new 2022 cohort announced by the Royal Society of Canada (RSC) last week that included six University of Waterloo Faculty members, two additional Waterloo researchers are award winners.

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