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The Research Ethics System is the University's online system that supports the development of study protocols along with the review and notification of ethical clearance.

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Research Ethics Review During COVID-19 Pandemic (updated January 6, 2023)

  • As per the memo issued on January 5, 2023, wearing a mask continues to be strongly encouraged for everyone at the University in all indoor spaces.  
  • Researchers and participants are encouraged to continue to wear tight-fitting, well-constructed masks for studies particularly those involving vulnerable populations, healthcare settings, or extended periods of close contact between researchers and/or participants. There is value in wearing a mask to help limit the spread of a variety of illnesses from COVID-19 to the common cold.  
  • When conducting studies off-campus, researchers are to respect the mask wearing requirements or expectations within that setting and be prepared to continue wearing a mask when visiting or working in that location.
  • Researchers are to continue to have medical masks available for use by study participants or members of the research team. 
  • If public health conditions change, the University may broaden mask requirements on campus.  
  • Researchers are encouraged to continue following the practices described in their existing COVID-19 safety plan to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission even though these plans are no longer required. Refer to the University's guidance on COVID-19 health and safety.


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Updated March 10, 2023