As a condition of continued ethics clearance, researchers must conduct their research according to the details provided in their originally approved application.

Researchers are responsible for receiving ethics clearance for amendments to their study prior implementing the changes. For example, an increase in sample size, change to procedures or materials being used, or revisions to the information-consent letter.

Amendment applications to an ongoing study are to be submitted using the research ethics system.


  • Expect the review to take 10 to 15 business days after being submitted. See understanding review times. These times may increase during peak periods such as in March, June, and November.
  • Only one modification request may be submitted at a time. An outstanding modification request needs to receive ethics clearance before a subsequent modification request can be made.
  • If the proposed modification cannot be included under the original project or if the modification is sufficiently substantive to require submission of a new application the researchers will be instructed to submit a new application.
  • A study with a new purpose requires a new application.