Prestigious awards

Prestigious awards are an opportunity for University of Waterloo researchers to be recognized and rewarded by external organizations for the value of their research.  

The Waterloo Awards Committee promotes and facilitates the submission of high-quality nominations of Waterloo scholars across all disciplines for prestigious awards and honorific titles.

The list below provides detail categorized by discipline with further detail about eligibility requirements, etc.

Please note that deadlines or anticipated deadlines change often so check the website for the organization that is presenting the award regularly to be sure of the deadline.

General Interest

Health Sciences

Humanities and Social Sciences

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Awards

RSC Medals

Upcoming Deadlines

All dates and links are anticipated but may change between now and the final deadline. Please note that many sponsors do not update their websites until 2-3 months before the deadline date. Always double-check sponsor websites before committing to a nomination.

Watch for updates on deadlines for awards in the following categories:

Recent presentations

Recent Awards Stories

Laura Hug


Philippe van Cappellen

Philippe Van Cappellen (Earth and Environmental Sciences) - J. Tuzo Wilson Medal - Canadian Geophysical Union


Heather Keller