Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Awards

Achievement Medals - Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)

These medals are awarded to individuals who have made an exceptional contribution to the advancement of science, engineering or technology. Many awards across three main categories:

Early Career: Mike Sargeant Medal; Sir Henry Royce Medal

Established Career: Faraday Medal, Mountbatten Medal, Mensforth Manufacturing Medal, JJ Thomson Medal for Electronics

Value of award

250 - 500 GBP - All winners will receive a medal, certificate and a years free membership of the IET.

Eligibility requirements

Coming Soon: *** This opportunity will be available soon. The next call is expected to open on 6 February. The following information is subject to change. ***

Nature of submission  
Deadline May 15

 Albert Einstein World Award of Science

Award for Mathematics Programs that Make a Difference

This Award for Mathematics Programs that Make a Difference was established in 2005 by the AMS's Committee on the Profession to compile and publish a series of profiles of programs that:

  • aim to bring more persons from underrepresented backgrounds into some portion of the pipeline beginning at the undergraduate level and leading to advanced degrees in mathematics and professional success, or retain them once in the pipeline;
  • have achieved documentable success in doing so; and
  • are replicable models.
Value of Award $1,000 USD
Eligibility requirements

Preference is given to programs with significant participation by underrepresented minorities. Note that programs aimed at pre-college students are eligible only if there is a significant component of the program benefiting individuals from underrepresented groups at or beyond the undergraduate level. Nomination of one's own institution or program is permitted and encouraged.

Nature of submission


Deadline May 31, 2024

Oswald Veblen Prize in Geometry

The award is made for a notable research work in geometry or topology that has appeared in the last six years. The work must be published in a recognized, peer-reviewed venue.

Value of Award

$5,000 USD

Eligibility requirements

Submit a letter of nomination, a complete bibliographic citation for the work being nominated, and a brief citation that explains why the work is important. Prize is awarded every 3 years.

Nature of submission  
Deadline March 31, 2024

Priestly Medal