Electronic cover sheet for sponsored research

The cover sheet is an internal electronic document, mandatory for all proposals and applications, even when UW researchers are to receive a subgrant of funds from a collaborator at another institution. It should be completed and submitted for approvals PRIOR to submission of the proposal to the sponsor.

The new electronic cover sheet: 

  • Gathers the same information and approvals as the previous paper and PDF versions, but is more efficient, accessible, and secure and has a built-in workflow to collect the required approvals;
  • Can be created by a Principal Investigator (PI), or for them by staff or trainees with WatIAM credentials, but it must be submitted by the Principal Investigator (PI); 
  • Can be accessed from anywhere using one’s WatIAM credentials;
  • Can include all funding sources for matching programs;
  • Provides the ability for the PI and approvers to track the status of the cover sheet as it goes through the approval process;
  • Remains accessible in the system as an historical record for the PI and approvers; and
  • Allows relevant application materials to be attached and comments to be included for the approval process.

The approval process is built into the electronic coversheet process. 
Please note: 

  • Research funds to be held in an academic unit must be approved by the appropriate academic unit head and the dean, or their designate(s). 
  • Tri-Agency funds are to be held in an academic unit. 
  • Research funds from other sponsors may be held in research centres or institutes subject to the approval of the centre/institute director, as well as the academic unit head and the dean, or their designate(s). For university research centres and institutes, the approval of the vice-president, research & international is also required.

First time? Watch this short video to get started!  Creating an electronic cover sheet (YouTube) 

Unit support documentation:  Your individual faculty may have provided guidelines as to the requirements and/or documentation that should be included.  This can be accessed through this link: Unit Requirements.

The Electronic Cover Sheet system and detailed training materials can be accessed through the link below.

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