Research Security Grant

The Government of Canada introduced new funding through the Research Support Fund (RSF) in Budget 2022 to further support the activities related to the indirect costs of research security and to support the National Security Guidelines for Research Partnerships.

Research security is categorized as a fifth priority area of the IPGs. These investments are aligned with the RSF’s objectives to help Canadian postsecondary institutions ensure their federally funded research projects are conducted in world-class facilities with the best equipment and administrative support available. By directing funds to specific investments and to annual or multiyear projects initiated by institutions, research security funding will help to build capacity within postsecondary institutions to identify, assess and mitigate the potential risks to research security.

This year, funds will be used to: create an internal program to accurately conduct risk assessments and risk mitigation strategies related to the National Security Guidelines for Research Partnerships; upgrade cyber security mechanisms and data management protocols; increase compliance with Canadian and US export controls and controlled goods regulations; create a robust open-source analytic program to strengthen grant applications and assess foreign partnerships; evaluate the risk and reciprocal value of international academic collaboration; and expand research security principles to intellectual property and commercialization phases of scientific and technological development. 

Projects for the upcoming year include:

  • Create a Research Security Program: $690,813
  • Create a Program to Evaluate Risk Assessment and Risk Mitigation in Funding Applications: $91,716

2023/24: Total amount awarded $782,529

2022/23: Total amount awarded $797,413