Awards Committee

The Waterloo Awards Committee (WAC) was established in 2009 . The committee's mandate is to promote and facilitate the submission of high-quality nominations of Waterloo scholars across all disciplines for prestigious awards and honorific titles and to do so through an equity, diversity and inclusive – EDI lens: 


  1. The following members ex-officio:
  • Associate Vice-President, Research, who shall serve as Chair of the Waterloo Awards Committee
  • Awards Officer (non-voting position)
  • Secretary (non-voting position)
  1. The following members are appointed by the WAC Chair, in consultation with the Vice-President, Research and the Faculty Deans:  
  • Two or three faculty members from each of the Faculties: Applied Health Sciences; Arts; Engineering; Environment; Math; and Science. Faculty members will serve a term of three years, renewable once.  
  • One staff member from each of the Faculties to serve in a continuing basis.


  • Encouraging Faculties, Departments, and Schools to actively engage in identifying outstanding candidates for prestigious national and international awards and honorific titles
  • Ensuring Deans, Chairs, and Directors are aware of such awards and titles, the eligibility criteria, application procedures, and submission deadlines
  • Nominating exceptional faculty members for prestigious national and international awards and honorific titles
  • Working with Deans, Chairs, Directors, and Nominees to ensure that nominations/applications are of the highest possible quality and are submitted in accordance with specified deadlines
  • Ensuring that nominations remaining active for more than one year are updated annually
  • Reporting to Deans, Chairs, Directors, and the Committee on the state of current and forthcoming nominations
  • Participating on subcommittees to adjudicate nominations where the number of applications per institution for an award is limited
  • Attending, supporting, and promoting awards recognition events
  • The Waterloo Awards Committee will meet four or five times per year exclusive of subcommittee meetings

For questions about nominations, contact Tom Barber. For questions regarding specific faculties or departments, please contact the appropriate faculty or staff member.

*Historical Note The Waterloo Awards Committee is a revival of a previous iteration known as the Ad Hoc Committee on Awards, which formed in 1993 with Arthur Carty, then Dean of Research, acting as Chair. This committee formed in reaction to the growing numbers of faculty members being recognized with significant Honours, Awards, and Distinctions; such as Fellowship in the Royal Society of Canada and other relevant academic associations. The committee was briefly shuttered in 2005 to reevaluate its role in relation to the individual Faculties growing efforts around recognition of academic excellence.