Awards Committee

The Waterloo Awards Committee (WAC) was established in 2009 with a mandate to promote and facilitate the submission of high-quality nominations of Waterloo scholars across all disciplines for prestigious awards, prizes and honorific titles, all through the lens of inclusivity, diversity and equity.  Recognition for excellence in scholarship raises awareness of Waterloo as a world leading scientific community and highlights the contributions of our researchers, as individuals and teams.  We are proud of our commitment to excellence and we work to recognize and celebrate our diverse research community at Waterloo.

The WAC is co-chaired by an Associate Vice-President from the Office of Research, and a tenured faculty member from the ranks. It consists of representatives of each Faculty as well as the Office of Research.

Office of Research

Thomas Barber (Staff)

Ian Milligan (AVP & Co-Chair)

Susan Elliott (Faculty & Co-Chair)

Christina Yee (Staff)


Ryan McGuinness (Staff)

Steven Mock (Faculty)

Hannah Neufeld (Faculty)

Ken Stark (Faculty)


Page Burton (Staff)

Keith Hipel (Faculty)

Mustafa Yavuz (Faculty)

Carolyn Ren (Faculty)


Andrea Collins (Faculty)

Merrin Macrae (Faculty)

Sandra Ramautarsingh (Staff)


Kim Arnold (Staff)

Donna Strickland (Faculty)

Philippe Van Cappellan (Faculty) 


Heather Henderson (Faculty)

Douglas Peers (Faculty)

Selena Santi (Staff)


Nico Spronk (Faculty)

Wayne Oldford (Faculty)

Tamer Özsu (Faculty)

Sarindra Andrianasolo (Staff)

Centres & Institutes

Suzanne Kearns, WISA - Director (Faculty)

Terms of reference:

  1. The following members sit as ex-officio on WAC:
  • An Associate Vice-President from the Office of Research, who shall serve as Co-Chair
  • A faculty member from the Waterloo Awards Committee, who shall serve as Co-Chair
  • Awards Officer (non-voting position)
  • Secretary (non-voting position)
  1. The following members are appointed by the WAC Co-Chairs, in consultation with the Vice-President, Research & International and the Faculty Deans. In making these appointments, careful consideration is given to the principles of Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity. Diverse perspectives, including race, cultural background, disability, and gender, ensure that the committee is best equipped to recognize and evaluate all forms of research excellence.
  • Minimum 2, maximum 3, faculty members from each of the 6 Faculties as well as 1 executive director of a University Research Centre or Institute or their delegate. Each of these members serves for a two-year term, renewable once. Upon serving two full terms, committee members are required to be absent from the committee for two years before being eligible to return. Training in inclusivity, diversity and equity will be offered to the WAC committee on an annual basis.  Anyone appointed/reappointed to this Committee shall have up to date relevant training  
  • The staff member (or members) from each of the Faculties that hold(s) research awards in their portfolio.  This is an ongoing position.
  • Membership terms will normally commence on September 1, in any given year.


  • Encouraging Faculties, Departments, and Schools to actively engage in identifying outstanding candidates for prestigious national and international awards, prizes and honorific titles
  • Encourage Faculties, Departments and Schools to nominate candidates for discipline specific awards, particularly for those early in career and those from the four designated underrepresented groups, not only in recognition of achievement and personal honour, but also for the value of such awards
  • Ensuring Deans, Chairs, and Directors are aware of such awards and titles, the eligibility criteria, application procedures, and submission deadlines
  • Nominating exceptional faculty members for prestigious national and international awards and honorific titles
  • Working with Deans, Chairs, Directors, and Nominees to ensure that nominations/applications are of the highest possible quality and are submitted in accordance with specified deadlines
  • Ensuring that nominations remaining active for more than one year are updated annually
  • Reporting to Deans, Chairs, Directors, and the Committee on the state of current and forthcoming nominations
  • Participating on subcommittees to adjudicate nominations where the number of applications per institution for an award is limited
  • Attendance at regular WAC meetings
  • Attending, supporting, and promoting awards recognition events