Researchers must ensure continuation of their ethics clearance by completing an annual renewal report. Ethics clearance is valid for 12 months from the ethics clearance date.

This report is submitted using the research ethics system.

Applications may remain active for as long as the study is in progress as long as you submit your annual continuing review reports in a timely fashion and in the absence of factors which may alter the risk level (e.g., significant adverse events and major cumulative modifications and protocol deviations).

Failure to complete and submit the Annual Renewal Report may result in suspension of ethics clearance.

If you receive a suspension notice no further contact with participants is permitted unless there is a risk to participant safety.

Researchers may be required to close an application and submit a new application when the research has been modified substantially and no longer corresponds to the original application.  

Greater than minimal risk research may require the submission of renewal reports at intervals less than 12 months as deemed appropriate by one of the Research Ethics Boards.