Cover sheet for sponsored research

The cover sheet is mandatory for all proposals and applications and should be completed PRIOR to submission to the sponsor. Use of Acrobat Reader or Acrobat Pro is recommended for completing the cover sheet.

The PI should complete the cover sheet and submit it, along with a copy of the proposal/application, to the department and faculty for early review. Once the chair and dean sign the cover sheet, the package should then be submitted to the Office of Research well in advance of the sponsor deadline.

Please note that tri-agency funds are to be held in the PI’s home academic unit, so the appropriate academic unit head and the dean, or their designate, must sign cover sheets for tri-agency applications. Research funds from other sponsors may be held in research centres or institutes, subject to the approval of the centre/institute director, the academic unit head, and the dean. Cover sheets for non-tri-agency applications for researchers wishing to hold the funds in a centre/institute need approval signatures from all three roles (centre/institute director, academic unit head, and the dean or their designate).

Please see the chart below, for the status of the Electronic Cover Sheet system for your area! 

If your area is live, please see the Electronic Cover Sheet for Sponsored Research for information to submit an electronic cover sheet.

If your area is not live, please continue to use the PDF version at this time.

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