International funding opportunities


  • A complete list of both international and non-international COVID-19 research opportunities has been made on the OR website

Submission: Proposals must be submitted to the Office of Research one week prior to the agency deadline unless stated otherwise and be accompanied by a completed Cover Sheet signed by the PI, Department Chair or Research Centre Director and Faculty Dean or ADR (please refer to the Cover Sheet instructions for details). For all funding opportunities listed below, please contact Ibi Brown or Regan Child unless otherwise noted.

Feedback: We encourage early submission to take advantage of our review service. We provide feedback to help polish applications for maximum impact focusing on:

  • Adherence to guidelines and policies
  • Budget and eligible expenses
  • Readability and impact
  • Selection criteria clearly and fully addressed

REMINDER: Updating Research Participants : Research Personnel and Student Agreement (RPSA)

If you have a sponsored contract with specific intellectual property and/or confidentiality terms, please ensure that the research participants (that is staff and/or trainees working on the project) listed in your sponsored contract are current. Research participants are required to adhere to the agreement conditions via written acknowledgement. For assistance, please contact Ibi Brown or Regan Child