Workday is coming to Waterloo

Improved service and client experience will be at the forefront of the Workday implementation at Waterloo; with simple, electronic Human Resources (HR) transactions that put control in the hands of managers and employees.

Replacing myHRinfo, Workday provides an agile solution that meets Waterloo’s unique HR management requirements. Leveraging technology to advance HR service, we’ve partnered with Workday to provide a user-friendly and intuitively designed system that facilitates a transition to fewer paper processes and allows for self-service on any device. With a focus on continued improvement, we will engage campus throughout implementation to ensure Workday is designed to serve the University better.

  1. Oct. 24, 2018HR to host Workday Mini Town Hall in November

    Broad engagement and collaboration has been at the forefront of Workday implementation at Waterloo. Your Human Resources (HR) experience is a top priority and we want to hear from you!

  2. Sep. 19, 2018Workday is coming to Waterloo: September update

    Replacing myHRinfo, Workday will provide University of Waterloo staff and faculty with a user-friendly Human Resources (HR) system that minimizes paper process and gives employees easy access to their pay, benefits and personal HR information. Workday is going live campus-wide in January 2019.

  3. May 28, 2018Workday User Acceptance Testing begins in June

    Workday, the new Human Resources system with improved usability and new functionality, is coming to the University of Waterloo early next year. Throughout 2018, Human Resources and Information, Systems & Technology are collaborating to design the system so that it meets the needs of employees across campus.

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