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  1. Feb. 18, 2021Changes to eduroam login for @edu.uwaterloo.ca addresses - March 1

    What is happening? It will no longer be possible to log on to the University’s wireless network (eduroam) using an “@edu.uwaterloo.ca” email address. (Note, @edu.uwaterloo.ca addresses were converted to @uwaterloo.ca addresses in April 2020.)

    When will this change take place? Monday, March 1, 2021.

    What is the impact? After this date, the only acceptable login for the wireless network will be the individual’s username (up to 8 characters) followed by “@uwaterloo.ca”, e.g. d17hende@uwaterloo.ca

    Questions or concerns? Please contact the IST Service desk, helpdesk@uwaterloo.ca

  2. Feb. 16, 2021Test of the University's emergency communication system - Feb 23

    What is happening? We will be testing the University’s campus-wide emergency communication system.

    When is this happening? Tuesday, February 23 at 2:00 p.m.                                             

    What is the impact? Emergency communication channels being tested include:

  3. Feb. 12, 2021'Convert to Enterprise Account' email sent to Webex users - February 12

    What is happening? Webex users may have received the email below from webex_comm@webex.com. This is a legitimate email from Webex. No user action is required for UW Webex users. 

    Why is this happening? The Webex system is trying to clear up inconsistencies between users logging in with friendly email addresses (e.g. firstname.lastname@uwaterloo.ca) instead of username@uwaterloo.ca.

    Questions or concerns? Please contact the IST Service Desk, helpdesk@uwaterloo.ca or ext. 44357.

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  1. Feb. 26, 2021Presentation Friday: Technology Integrated Services (TIS) Update
    TIS Update
    Technology Integrated Services (TIS) provides services to the university-at-large in the areas of infrastructure applications, campus applications support, computing systems, storage technologies and network connectivity. This presentation will provide a brief overview of TIS, our philosophy, achievements of 2020 as well as future plans and goals.
    Speaker Bio
    Steven Bourque is the Director of Technology Integrated Services. He has been a member of Information Systems and Technology for 15 years. Steven came to the University after working for a commercial Internet Service Provider as a Sr. Network Engineer.
    This session will not be recorded.
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