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  1. Oct. 13, 2021Resolved: IST managed servers offline - October 13

    Resolved: A common and routine networking change had an unexpected broken outcome that resulted in a number of IST managed servers going offline. The change has been reverted. IST is following up with the vendor.

    What was the impact? Users may have been unable to access a number of services including Skype for Business, Git, and Jira.

    When did this happen? Wednesday, October 13 between 11:30 a.m. and 12:25 p.m.

    Questions or concerns? Please contact the IST Service Desk, helpdesk@uwaterloo.ca or ext. 44357.

  2. Oct. 12, 2021'Convert to Enterprise Account' email sent to Webex users - October 12

    What is happening? Webex users may have received an email entitled ''Convert to Enterprise Account' from webex_comm@webex.com. This is a legitimate email from Webex. No user action is required for UW Webex users; there is no impact and no service disruption.

    Why is this happening? The Webex system is trying to clear up inconsistencies between users logging in with friendly email addresses (e.g. firstname.lastname@uwaterloo.ca) instead of username@uwaterloo.ca.

    Questions or concerns? Please contact the IST Service Desk, helpdesk@uwaterloo.ca or ext. 44357.

  3. Oct. 7, 2021Wireless network connectivity issues - October 7

    Resolved (October 7, 1:35 p.m.): Users should be able to connect to the wireless network again. Wireless controllers were rebooted to mitigate a suspected bug. IST will follow up with the vendor to determine the root cause of the outage. 

    Questions or concerns? Please contact the IST Service Desk, helpdesk@uwaterloo.ca, ext. 44357.

    What is happening? Users may be unable to connect to the wireless network. IST is investigating.

    Questions or concerns? Please contact the IST Service Desk, helpdesk@uwaterloo.ca, ext. 44357.

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