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  1. Sept. 23, 2016Yahoo! data breach – September 23

    What is happening? The public is just finding out in September 2016 that there was a significant data breach at Yahoo! in 2014. Personal details of Yahoo! account holders, including password hashes, were leaked. Yahoo! reports approximately a half-billion accounts affected.  Since there are members of the University of Waterloo community who forward their email to Yahoo! accounts, IST strongly recommends that those affected change their Yahoo! passwords as soon as possible.

  2. Sept. 20, 2016RESOLVED: Mailservices listed on spam blacklist – September 19

    What is happening? The University of Waterloo was placed on the Spam and Open-Relay Blocking System (SORBS) email blacklist. Users first reported the issue late last week. The University has since been removed from the list and emails should be delivered without issue.

  3. Sept. 19, 2016Security warning: Suspicious email identified – September 19

    Important: We will never send a regular email that asks you to provide, confirm or verify personal, login or account information.

    Suspicious email identified: Today, some members of the campus community received a suspicious email with the subject “Admin Security Alert:: Treat As Urgent!!” If you received this email, please ignore and delete the message - do not click on the link within the message.

    Sender: Sonia Sosa
    Subject: Admin Security Alert:: Treat As Urgent!!

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