Migrating R: drive content to SharePoint Online and/or Teams

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

What is happening? As an extension of the N: drive to OneDrive project and the move to SharePoint Online, IST will work with Academic Support Units (ASUs) to migrate content from the network file solution, R: drive (\\filed), which uses the NetApp service, to SharePoint Online and/or Teams.  

Why is this happening? In comparison to the R: drive,SharePoint Online and/or Teams offers a more user-friendly and robust file storage solution, providing a greater amount of storage space and allowing users to access, share, and collaborate on files from anywhere on any device. Visit the Migrating R: drives to SharePoint and/or Teams project page​for more benefits. 

What do I need to know? 

  • In preparation for this change, IST will pilot the migration process, create a migration plan, and ensure the necessary documentation and supports are available. 
  • It is anticipated that users in Academic Support Units with IST-managed Windows machines will begin migrations from R: drive to SharePoint Online and/or Teams in the Fall 2022 term (migration schedule to be confirmed and communicated). IST will work with ASUs to determine the most appropriate migration path.  
  • Creation of new R: drives will cease immediately for ASUs. These groups are encouraged to use Teams or SharePoint Online. IST will provide assistance if needed. 
  • Participating faculties ready to begin R: drive to SharePoint Online and/or Teams migrations can contact IST for assistance.  

Additional Resources  

Questions or concerns? Please contact Lisa Tomalty.