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Welcome to uWaterloo Connect IT! This blog and video series will provide IT service and event information and updates to the campus, while offering a collaborative environment for University community members to share their comments/feedback and help shape the future of IT at Waterloo.

Lynda.com is now LinkedIn Learning

On July 29, Lynda.com was upgraded to LinkedIn Learning.

University of Waterloo Central IT Systems Enable 2FA

As of July 24 2019, users already using two-factor authentication (2FA) for their email accounts will also receive 2FA prompts when logging in to Quest and LEARN*. Protect your accounts with 2FA and learn more about it here: https://uwaterloo.ca/2fa.

*2FA will be disabled on LEARN until Oct and additional communications will be shared once enabled.

DeliverPoint: A SharePoint permissions management tool

SharePoint is a highly configurable, collaborative platform used substantially among many organizations. At the University of Waterloo, it is predominantly used as a document management and storage system. While it boasts vast permission and security options, one of its weakest links is management of those permissions as it only displays its hierarchy security structure in flat-view files. It also has no bulk management tool, no retired user cleanup, and no active directory (AD) group enumeration.​

The Fall 2018 edition of the IST Newsletter is now available

The Fall 2018 issue of the IST Newsletter is now available. Inside you'll learn about the campus network upgrade project, finphishing, improvements to Quest, a new Research Ethics system, and more!

And the winner is...

Leveraging Lynda at Waterloo

Meet Lynda

Lynda.com is a leading online learning platform that helps anyone learn business, software, technology and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals.

Since 2014, Waterloo staff, faculty, and graduate students have reaped the benefits of these online courses. And now, as the result of a province-wide agreement negotiated by eCampusOntario and the Provincial Government, all Waterloo students have free, unlimited access to Lynda.com.

Summer edition of the IST Newsletter now available!

The Summer 2018 issue of the IST Newsletter is now available.Inside you'll learn about Office 365, password tips, learning environment retreats, two-factor authentication and more!

And the winner is...

Winter 2018 issue of the IST Newsletter now available!

The Winter 2018 issue of the IST Newsletter is now available. Read about Workday; a highly successful student and Portal team initiative; whole-disk encryption; digital learning technology in the classroom; Lynda.com; and more!

And the winner is...

Congratulations to Murray Zink, who won a $25 Starbucks gift card for subscribing to the IST Newsletter.

WatITis wrap-up

This past December, IST hosted the 15th annual WatITis conference (pronounced “What – it – is” for those still wondering). Over 250 IT staff from all over campus attended the conference, which had an array of sessions ranging from Microsoft Office 365 to Advanced Design Implementation and Developer Workflow.

Our keynote this year was Assistant Computer Science Professor, Gregor Richards, who enthusiastically discussed the history, current status and future of programming languages at the University of Waterloo.

Meet Andrew, the new Director of Client Services

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Andrew McAlorum, and I’m the new Director of Client Services in IST.

IST opens two new IT service desks

In collaboration with campus partners in the Dana Porter Library and New Residence Building, IST has opened two new service desks. Conveniently located, the service desks offer help with wireless connection issues (Eduroam), WatIAM administration, virus removal, anti-virus installation, general inquiries, and more.

Dana Porter (DP) Library Service Desk

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