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How to become "Fees Arranged"

Registered Status

You are not considered a fully registered student until you have the registered status “Fees Arranged”.  Once your Promissory Note and/or payment in full has been received and processed, your registered status on the Account Summary page on Quest will indicate “Fees Arranged.”

Fees are charged one term at a time and you must attain the registered status "Fees Arranged" each term to avoid having a Not Fees Arranged (NFA) hold applied to your student account. The hold will restrict access to course enrolment activities, transcripts, viewing grades on Quest, and refunds. Graduate students will be automatically unenrolled from any courses they are enrolled in, and also risk being withdrawn from your program.

Please check your Quest account frequently throughout the term.

The registered status "Fees Arranged" means that you:

  • have shown us how you intend to cover your fees for the term
  • have made a commitment to pay all the fees charged to your student account, even if financial aid is denied or turns out to be less than you expected
  • are fully registered for the term
  • will receive all the financial aid for which you are eligible during the term
  • have access to health & dental insurance and other student services

There are two ways to become "Fees Arranged"

1. Pay the entire Term Balance now

  • do not deduct any Anticipated Aid
  • use one of our acceptable payment options
  • any financial aid and awards you have qualified for will be refunded to you during the term.

2. Pay all or part of your Term Balance later by using the Promissory Note process

  • leave a balance owing up to the total amount of any financial aid you will receive during the term (including amount showing as Anticipated Aid on Quest)
  • The Promissory Note cannot be used to submit proof of payment in full; you must also have financial aid coming to you during the term.

The automated processes on Quest to complete the Promissory Note stop at the end of the third month each term. To attain Fees Arranged status with a Promissory Note after the automated version on Quest is no longer available, complete the pdf version and submit a signed copy along with your supporting proof of financial aid to our helpdesk.

Fee Changes

If you are planning to

  • add or drop courses,
  • change your residence or meal plan, or
  • change your program or status, still need pay the entire balance owing or complete the Promissory Note if you have enough financial aid to cover all the fees that have been posted on your student account by the due date to avoid being charged a late fee. If more fees are posted after the due date, you can pay them as they are added. If you have overpaid your account, you will be refunded later in the term.

Not Fees Arranged holds

If you do not have the registered status "Fees Arranged" for the term by the 100% refund deadline each term, a Not Fees Arranged (NFA) hold will automatically be applied to your student account. Please be sure you are aware of the deadlines and the impacts of the NFA hold.

Paying your Tuition?

If you have an account at a bank in Canada, the best way to pay your student fees is by bank payment. 

If that isn’t possible, we can also accept a certified cheque, money order, or bank draft from a Canadian bank, but you will need to be sure it arrives by the payment due date to be considered "not late". We strongly recommend that this type of payment be sent by courier or via expresspost with tracking.

To make an international tuition payment, use one of our approved international payment options. These services are convenient, secure, easy to arrange and post quickly to your student account.  They also allow you to pay in the currency of your choice and get a competitive exchange rate.

Don’t forget to check the date tuition is due to avoid late fees and account holds.