In-person Finance operations are suspended until further notice. For information about student-related topics, please contact The Centre.  For Faculty or Staff related enquiries,  Finance service modifications are available on the Finance Resources COVID-19 website or you can visit our Contact Us page.


You need to maintain Canadian banking information on Quest to ensure you receive your refunds.

If you are not in Canada and do not have Canadian bank account information to add to Quest, you can contact the SFS helpdesk with your name and student number to request an international refund for any refundable balance of $1000.00CAD or more. Approved international refunds will be processed after the second month of term.

  • Note that international refunds are sent in Canadian Dollars (CAD) so you may experience a foreign exchange loss or transaction fees from your bank on receipt of the international transfer. 

  • If you do not request a refund, we will hold your refund on your student account to be applied to future fees or until you arrive in Canada and can add Canadian bank account information to Quest.

Paying your Tuition?

Your payment must arrive and be showing on your student account by the payment due date to avoid a late fee charge and account holds.

If you have an account at a bank in Canada, the best way to pay your student fees is by bank payment. Bank payments typically take 2-3 business days to appear on your student account.

If that isn’t possible, we can also accept a certified cheque, money order, or bank draft from a Canadian bank. We strongly recommend that this type of payment be sent by courier or via expresspost with tracking, well in advance of the due date.

To make an international tuition payment, use one of our approved international payment options.