Apply for a Student Permit

2024 winter sales date

Please read the below carefully before buying to understand which permit to buy and the required documents needed for pick-up


Student Unreserved

If you are a student that lives off campus, you will only be eligible to purchase a UNRESERVED permit for Fall, Winter and Spring dependent on the term you are purchasing for. This permit allows you to park in either C, N, W or X lot. The cost is $150 plus taxes ($169.50) for the term. Each student is only eligible to purchase one unreserved permit per student.

Residence or CLV-N

All students living in a University residence will purchase a permit specifically for the residence they live at, UWP, CLV-N, CLV-S, or Villages. With the student population on campus growing each year, we have are starting to reach the limits at the parking lots therefore Students living in Residence are only eligible to purchase a resident parking permit and cannot purchase dual permits i.e. a Unreserved Student permit and a Resident permit. We will have the opportunity to offer a wait list for those wishing to have a resident and student permit in the future if space allows it. If you like to be on the wait list for the beginning term please advise Parking Services. Please be advise we will only add you to the wait list for those permits that are available for purchase at the time. Students living in Velocity must come in to purchase their permits, the system will not allow for online purchasing for this lot. The cost is $150 per term.


You can only purchase this permit if you are registered for Pharmacy program at the Satellite campus in Downtown Kitchener. This is the only permit you qualify for if you are registered in a valid program. 


Do you think you have a credit from 2020 when parking is free? Call 519 888 4567 ext. 33100 or email BEFORE buying your permit online so we can apply your credit!

First Time Permit Purchase

If this is your first time purchasing a permit, please be sure to have the following

  • Ownership for your vehicles (family owned vehicles ONLY)

  • WatCard 

  • Driver's License 

If you have purchased a permit in the past but are registering a new vehicle, please be sure to have the ownership for your vehicle.

If you have any questions regarding what permit you should purchase, please call the University Parking at extension at 33100 prior to purchasing or e-mail at

Motorcycle ONLY permit

Those who are in need of parking for their Motorcycle only can purchase a pass in person at Parking Services. The cost of a Motorcycle pass is $37.50 plus taxes per term. This is strictly for those who will only be driving a motorcycle only.

**Please be advised you must pick up your permit in person at Parking services (GSC 1112) if you purchase online. This will not be mailed to you. You may pick up your permit as soon as the payment is processed, same day if you choose***

You can apply for a permit using our ePark system.

Permit Holder Responsibilities:

  • Permits are not transferable between persons, except immediate family members and recorded carpools.

  • All vehicles displaying a permit must be registered to that permit with Parking Services.

  • Displaying a University of Waterloo permit on a vehicle that is not registered to the permit with Parking Services will result in a fine, possible tow and suspension of parking privileges for the driver of the vehicle and the owner of the permit.

  • Do not loan your permit to other persons, or display your permit on unregistered vehicles under any circumstances.

How to Login:


To purchase a student unreserved or residence permit please LOGIN using your USER ID




Once logged into your account, you will be able to view all previous history. To order a permit CLICK order at the bottom.

When your permit is purchased it can be picked up in office anytime between office hours. Please have your account number with you.

If you have any questions about the type of permit you need to purchase please email us or call us at 519-888-4567 33100.