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Mathematics Tutorial Centre


The Mathematics Tutorial Centre will be offering support virtually in Winter 2021.

The Tutorial Centre will be running online via Microsoft Teams for Winter 2021 term to provide students with help to succeed in first- and second-year core mathematics courses.

With a team of undergraduate and graduate students, we focus on 'students helping students': a goal to help each other succeed in academia. We encourage all students to join us in this opportunity to provide extended learning!

The Tutorial Centre is a free service for Waterloo students and will provide help in the following courses:

  • MATH 127
  • MATH 128
  • MATH 135
  • MATH 136
  • MATH 137
  • MATH 138
  • MATH 235
  • MATH 237

The tutorial centre will be available each weekday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm EST (Waterloo time). The tutorial centre will be closed on February 15 and April 2, 2021, as the university will be closed due to public holidays. 

How can I access the virtual tutorial centre?

  • Download Microsoft Teams or use the browser version of Teams.
  • Open and sign in Microsoft Teams using your Waterloo userID (for example, sgoose for Scholar the Goose).
  • Click on the icon Teams on the left-hand side of the navigation bar as indicated in the image below. This will bring you to a list of Teams you are a member of.

Screenshot of navigation bar in MS Teams

  • Click on Math Virtual Tutorial Centre to enter the centre. 

Screenshot of virtual tutorial centre in MS Teams

  • Please always remember to check-in at the Front Desk when you begin your visit to the tutorial centre. 
  • Students should be auto-enrolled in the virtual tutorial centre as of January 12, 2021. If you are registered for one of these courses listed above but were not auto-enrolled then please contact Jordan Hamilton.

Quick tips to keep in mind before your visit

  • Don't expect tutors to show you complete solutions as they want to help you learn!
  • Once you have been given a hint, you should work on your problem alone until you either complete it or need further assistance.

Other tutoring resources

Students in need of private tutoring may want to check a list of tutors at Tutor Connect.