Our impact

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Greater impact with the help of many

As a mathematics and computer science powerhouse and Canada’s most innovative university, Waterloo is uniquely positioned to break down barriers for women and other underrepresented genders in STEM.

With the help of our alumni, allies, faculty and staff, the Waterloo Women’s Impact Network (WWIN) is focusing on three crucial areas: early outreach, current student supports, and innovation. All giving received through this network will support these key areas. Of the total raised, 30% is provided to each of our campus partners and 10% is held back to support unique projects submitted by our campus community and voted on by our WWIN members.

Meet our partners

We invite you to meet our partners below and learn more about their programs and “WWINs” from the past year.

Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing (CEMC)

The CEMC provides resources and activities to students, teachers, schools and families in Canada and across the globe to inspire a love, passion and interest in mathematics. They are the largest mathematics outreach organization in Canada and are committed to providing access to their programs for as many as possible.

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Women in Computer Science (WiCS)

WiCS is focused on improving gender equity in computing and the working environments of women and underrepresented genders who hold technical positions within the industry.

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Women in Mathematics (WiM)

WiM aims to create a community for all students, faculty and staff while advocating for women and other underrepresented genders across mathematical disciplines. Through their leadership, the Faculty of Mathematics has become the first Sponsoring Institutional Member of the Association for Women in Mathematics.

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