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Our impact

Greater impact with the help of many

As a mathematics and computer science powerhouse and Canada’s most innovative university, Waterloo is uniquely positioned to break down barriers for women in STEM.

With the help of our alumni, allies, faculty and staff, the Waterloo Women’s Impact Network (WWIN) is focusing on three crucial areas. early outreach, student support, and innovation and excellence. All giving received through this network will support these key areas.

female mentor coaching young female student  on computer science coding

Early outreach

Building a talent pipeline of women in Canada and beyond

WWIN will support a suite of outreach activities to cultivate young girls’ curiosity about mathematics and computer science through Waterloo’s Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing (CEMC) and Waterloo’s Women in Computer Science (WiCS) initiatives. These include running coding camps, the Think About Math program, hosting signature women in mathematics events and supporting activities like Technovation.

Enhancing the on-campus experience and providing meaningful scholarships

WWIN​​​​​​ will fund tailored programming for female students currently enrolled in mathematics and computing programs at Waterloo through the Women in Mathematics (WiM) and WiCS committees. This includes workshops and career panels, professional development opportunities, mentorship activities and social/networking events. We’ll also offer scholarships specifically for female students to recruit and retain top talent.

Innovation & excellence

Investing in innovative ideas and recognizing outstanding students and faculty

Students, faculty and staff members will be invited to submit proposals for initiatives that strengthen our community for young women interested in studying mathematics or computer science. Selected proposals will receive grants to turn their ideas into reality. Meanwhile, WWIN’s Faculty and Research Excellence Awards will recognize outstanding women faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students with grants so they can continue to excel.