If you invest in today’s and tomorrow’s leaders, they will be able to do great things. Every donation signals a deep trust in the institution and helps Waterloo move forward on its mission to propel those who challenge, connect and propel our world. Our success can be your success.

To discuss philanthropic investment or Math and CS priority projects, contact Alexandra Lippert.

Opportunities for investment

Student scholarships and awards

You can help ensure that the University of Waterloo is able to meet the future as a global powerhouse of thought and innovation by helping us attract top students. Help keep the lights of discovery lit by bringing together the brightest minds of tomorrow through targeted scholarship opportunities.

Spaces for innovation

You can help to ensure that the best learning environment is available for students, facilitating transformational research and elevating UWaterloo’s position as the pre-eminent destination for mathematics and computer science study.

Mathematics teaching equipment

As a world leader in technology and innovation, the Faculty of Mathematics needs to be adaptable to changes in technology to continue to provide a modern learning environment for students. High-tech equipment is continually changing and computers regularly need updating. Your support will ensure students continue to have the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art technology.

International opportunities

Provide rich academic experiences, making possible the skill development and inventive thought that only comes through international exchange programs and study trips.

Experiential Student Success Fund

Support students who struggle to find a co-op position or seek non-traditional co-op opportunities with nonprofits and startups. Going forward, full-time undergraduate students can apply for up to $3,000 in award funding per co-op term to bridge the gap between their salary and their financial needs. A separate portion of the Fund will support founders or employees of early-stage startups or nonprofits as they work to bring their vision to life. Only the students themselves can make their co-op terms a success, but your support provides the resources they need to make it happen. Read more about Bridging the Gap.

Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing (CEMC)

Support outreach programs, school visits, math contests and math circles that introduce a love of mathematics and computer science to future generations!

Waterloo Women's Impact Network (WWIN)

The Waterloo Women’s Impact Network (WWIN) aims to make Waterloo the best place in the world for women in mathematics and computer science to study, to support alumni currently in math and tech careers, and help cultivate the curiosity of young girls about mathematics and computer science. Join our community and invest in outreach activities for young women, fund meaningful programming for current students and support innovative ideas that build a stronger community for women in the Faculty of Mathematics.

Women in Computer Science (WiCS)

Please join us in ensuring talented young women entering into computer science studies have access to programming and strategic supports aimed to build a strong pipeline of future female leaders in this traditionally male-dominated field. Your gift will go directly to support Women in the Computer Science (WICS) mandate to:

  • Promote the exciting option of computer science to young women entering university
  • Produce orientation events for incoming female students
  • Create an environment where women are supported in their work and studies
  • Raise awareness of the gendered obstacles that women in computing face and provide students with the knowledge, vocabulary and strategies for mitigating these obstacles
  • Assist each student to forge a network of like-minded technical women
  • Provide technical interview preparation, sexism response workshops, Big CSters mentoring events, technical talks and workshops, career panels and trips to women-in-computing conferences