Current undergraduates

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As an undergraduate student in the Faculty of Mathematics, you are part of a large group of scholars interested in the mathematical and computer sciences. In fact, the largest such group anywhere in the world. You have an opportunity to select from an extremely broad range of courses in a variety of mathematical disciplines and to specialize in many different major and minor fields of study.

University is not only about learning, but also about maturing. We want students to take responsibility for their own academic success, but also want to provide all the support we can to help students succeed and make good academic decisions. We have developed this website to provide helpful information specific to students in the Mathematics Faculty, as well as links to information useful to all undergraduate students at Waterloo.

We hope the website will answer many of your questions, but you may need to ask a question about your individual situation. The staff in the Mathematics Undergraduate Office (MUO) are available to help with the wide variety of problems a student may experience and can direct students to other sources of help when that is appropriate. We also provide academic advisors for all the areas of study in the Faculty and advisors for first-year students. In addition, two staff members from Counselling Services are available near the Mathematics Undergraduate Office to help students deal with personal problems.

I hope you find your studies in the Faculty of Mathematics interesting and rewarding.

Benoit Charbonneau
Associate Dean Undergraduate, Faculty of Mathematics