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What is a co-op probation period?

Students will be put on probation from the co-op program if their Cumulative Average (CAV) falls below 60%.

It is the hope of the Faculty that this probation period will provide an opportunity to students experiencing academic difficulty, to take a term away without the added distraction of applying for a co-op job, to concentrate on their studies and demonstrate that they can succeed both academically and in co-op.

Where can I get support?

We strongly encourage you to make use of the many resources available to you. Many students in this situation tend to benefit from the programs offered by Counselling Services and the Student Success Office.

A variety of study skills packages and workshops are available to assist students. Individual counseling is also available, free of charge, for students with challenges of a more personal nature.


How do I know if I am on co-op probation?

After each academic term, each student enrolled in the term has their course work evaluated and an official academic standing is assigned, usually on the fourth Monday of the next term. Undergraduate advisors in each academic plan review these standings for all students enrolled in their plan and where appropriate add a note or notes called transcript text. The Registrar's Office publishes a list of important dates for each term on the Quest website as part of the information for undergraduate students.

If you are placed on co-op probation, co-op probation will be displayed as transcript text in Quest.

Students will be placed on probation in co-op after a school term in which their academic standing falls below 'good standing'.

Such standings include:

  • Probationary Standing (PRBO) - assigned when the Cumulative Average (CAV) falls below 60%.
  • Probational/Conditional Standing (PRBC) - assigned when both the Cumulative Average (CAV) and Major Average (MAV) fall below 60%.
  • Students will also be placed on probation in co-op if they accumulate two missing or failed Professional Development (PD) courses and one missing or failed work report.

How do I get out of co-op probation?

A probationary standing affects both your co-op status and your academic status. In order for students to continue with the co-op program you must:

  1. raise your overall Cumulative Average (CAV) to at least 60% (which results in your academic standing changing to good), or
  2. demonstrate significant progress by achieving an overall Term Average (TAV) of 65%. Your standing would stay as probationary but you will be given more time to raise your CAV to 60%.

To continue in the co-op program, you must return to good academic standing at the end of your next full-time (three or more courses) study term otherwise, you will be switched to the regular program. Once you are switched to the regular program, it is not possible to return to co-op in the future. 

As we understand this may be a tough time, we are here to guide students and provide support where needed to get students back to good academic standing in the co-op program. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to your advisors

What if I have special circumstances?

If you feel that there are errors or discrepancies on your academic record or if you believe that your situation warrants special consideration, please contact your academic advisor. 

What if I have secured employment already?

Students who have secured employment for a co-op work term immediately following the study term that led to their probation will normally be permitted to honour that employment commitment and the work term will be eligible for official co-op work-term credit. However, sequence change requests to lengthen a work term to eight months will not be approved for students in this situation.

For students with a eight-month work term commitment already in place, or whose employer asks them to return for a second sequential work term, will normally be expected to honour those commitments. 

Can I use WaterlooWorks while on co-op probation?

No, while on co-op probation you will not have access to the co-op job board on WaterlooWorks; however, you will still be able to access the non-co-op resources.