How do I view my unofficial transcript?

Undergraduate students
During the unofficial grade period (after the last day of exams and up to the day before the date grades and standings become official), no academic standings or term totals will show in Quest under "unofficial transcript." In order to see standings and term totals for past terms, go to how do I view my term grades? in Quest.

See understanding your unofficial transcript for more information. Note: Averages do not appear on the official transcript.

Use this how do I ... ? page to view transfer credit(s) granted to you by the University of Waterloo.

  1. Log in to Quest.
  2. Click My Academics.
    student's student center academics tab with arrow pointing to my academics link
  3. Click unofficial transcript. Note: You may have to select the term if you aren't currently registered.
    unofficial transcript tab under my academics
  4. Select the institution from the "Academic Institution" drop down list, select "Unofficial Undergraduate or Graduate Unofficial" from the Report Type, then click Go. Note: This process may take a few minutes to complete. Please do not press any other buttons or links while processing is taking place.
    view unofficial transcript unofficial undergraduate selection
  5. Your request is currently queued. Please wait. Your status will be updated automatically.
    unofficial transcript loading display
  6. Your Report Results are displayed.

    Note: If you receive an error message "Report Not Created—Negative Service Indicator Exists," please read the following:

    A "Hold" is a notice that may affect your use of Quest, or your interaction with the University. For instance, if you owe fees or other goods, or have committed an academic offence, you may find a Hold placed on your account.

    Holds may prevent you from receiving transcripts, or enrolling yourself using Quest. However, most Holds can be removed. Contact the department(s) listed under the "Contact" heading to resolve any outstanding issues.
    example student's unofficial transcript

  7. Click Student Center or sign out of the system by clicking Sign system top navigation menu