Getting started

 Welcome to the University of Waterloo!

We're happy to have you on board. This page is your guide to starting your academic career at UW. Please ensure you review all the information prior to arriving on campus. 

Required Learning

Academic Integrity Module

Safety Training

Teaching Assistantship (TA) Training

If you are a graduate student that will be a Teaching Assistant, then you are required to complete the Conflict Management Human Rights Office (CMAHRO) Harassment and Discrimination online module and the quiz. Please see the Mathematics graduate teaching assistant page for more details.

Additional Learning

Mental health training for Teaching Assistants

The Mathematics faculty strongly recommends that all TAs complete the mental health training created by the Centre for Teaching Excellence. It is an an online, self-paced, asynchronous module to assist you with situations related to mental health that may arise during academic courses.

Sexual Violence Awareness and Support

The University of Waterloo is deeply committed to creating a safe environment wherein all students, faculty and staff can flourish. We are taking action to make our campus safer, while providing support for those who have experienced sexual violence.

The University of Waterloo realizes that raising awareness and providing education on sexual violence are key steps in aiding the prevention of incidents; hence we encourage our students to take advantage of the online training: Sexual Violence Awareness HRE101 (20 min) created by the Equity Office.