Equity Office Services - How We Can Help

How We Can Help (Equity Office Services)

The Math Equity Office offers a range of services supporting equity in the Faculty of Mathematics. Services that are currently offered include:

  • Capacity Building Circles
  • Individual Consultations
  • Equity and Inclusive Communities Resources

You can find more details on each of these services below.

Capacity Building Circles

The Faculty of Mathematics hosts small circle conversations every month to help faculty and staff incorporate the Equity and Inclusive Communities (E&IC) Principles within their roles and individual personal journeys.  

These circles are designed as a safe and respectful space for participants to share their opinions about topics related to equity and the creation of inclusive communities. The circle facilitator usually guides the discussions, and each circle member has a chance to share their reflections or thoughts if they wish to do so.

Note that these conversations are limited to Faculty of Mathematics faculty and staff. Offerings for students are anticipated to be offered at a later date. 

Current Circle Formats

The format of the Capacity Building Circles are always evolving to meet the needs of the participants.

Currently, one in-person and one virtual circle are held each month centred around a topic suggested by members of the Faculty. To help participants fully engage in these opportunities, a series of short articles related to the topic are selected for participants to read in advance of the circles.

For information on upcoming circle topics, contact matheqcp@uwaterloo.ca

Individual Consultations

The Faculty of Mathematics Equity Office offers confidential virtual appointments with members of the Equity Office Team. These appointments will take place virtually and are open to Faculty and Staff within the Faculty of Mathematics.

Appointments can be booked using the Equity Office Bookings Calendar.

Note that those requesting a Booking must first sign in using their WatIAm ID.

Types of Consultations

Information/Support Request 

  • Length: 15 minutes
  • A brief meeting with a member of the Math Equity Office to share details on the information, resources, or support you may require.

Initial Consultation

  • Length: 40 minutes
  • These meetings will focus on understanding the specific needs of the individual requesting the consultation and identifying appropriate resources and/or strategies to empower them to address their needs.

Follow-up Consultation

  • Length: 15 or 30 minutes
  • These meetings are generally booked by individuals who have already had an Initial Consultation on the item they wish to discuss and require some additional assistance.

Equity and Inclusive Communities SharePoint Site

The Equity Office maintains a number of resources for faculty and staff, that are also open to the entire University of Waterloo Community.

These resources are maintained on Equity and Inclusive Communities SharePoint site.

Individuals seeking to access the Equity and Inclusive Communities SharePoint Site must first login with their WatIAm ID.

Current Resources Available

The following resources are currently available through the Equity and Inclusive Communities SharePoint Site:

Equity & Inclusive Communities Resource Tracker

  • A filterable repository of resources from partners at the University of Waterloo and beyond

Equity Lending Library Catalogue

  • A list of of titles that are part of the Equity Office lending library 

Equity and Inclusive Communities Materials