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Mar. 21, 2017 Rotman International Trading Competition 2017 RITC team 2017

Congratulations to the University of Waterloo team for their success in this year’s Rotman International Trading Competition.

The team placed fourth overall, first in the credit risk case and third in the algorithmic trading case.

From left to right in this photo are Jimmy Fang (team coach), Boyang Li, Jing Tang, Jessie Guo, Hanson Li, Alex Wang and Charles Zhao.

Mar. 14, 2017 Bernoulli Trials Results

The Bernoulli Trials Contest was held on Saturday, March 4th.

This is a recreational contest in which contestants are given a sequence of statements, and they must decide (or guess) whether the statements are true or false.

This year, contestants were being eliminated after their fourth incorrect answer.

Feb. 22, 2017 Stanley Yao Xiao Wins Murray Martin Prize Stanley Yao Xiao

Congratulations to Stanley Yao Xiao, winner of the 2017 Murray Martin Prize for the Best Research Paper by a Mathematics Graduate Student. His paper, "Power-Free Values of Binary Forms and the Global Determinant Method" was nominated by his supervisor, Prof. Cameron Stewart, of the Department of Pure Mathematics.