MMath Thesis Procedures

Your MMath program may include a thesis requirement. Check the academic calendar for the term you were admitted to the program to confirm your degree requirements. Please note, the thesis requirement is separate from the research paper requirement.

Thesis milestones

The MMath timeline and requirements are set by your department. The guide below is intended as a general outline of the steps to completion. Please contact your supervisor/graduate coordinator/department website for the specific details of your program.

By the end of your first term

  • Your supervisor should be determined. If you were not provided one when you entered the program contact your graduate coordinator for information on how to find one.
  • Your general area of proposed research should be determined

By the end of your second term

  • Your research topic for your thesis should be decided

Between your third and fifth term (depending on program)

  • You should be nearing completion of your degree
  • Ensure you have taken the required courses and completed any other degree requirements as outlined in the academic calendar. Your graduate coordinator can confirm any outstanding milestones.

Display period

It is a requirement of the University that your thesis be on display in the Math Grad Office (MGO) for your readers and other interested parties to review. Your display period starts the day that MGO receives the agreement to read form signed by your Graduate Chair/Director. If you are in Computer Science your display period is 15 business days. All other departments have a 10-business day display period.

IMPORTANT: your presentation (if required) cannot take place until after your display period ends. Please keep this in mind when scheduling your presentation.

Steps to completion

The suggested timeline outlined below works backwards from the thesis presentation date. If your program does not have a presentation requirement, work backwards from the date you intend to be degree complete. Please note the timing for step three, submitting your Agreement to read form is firm.

Step 1: at least five weeks before presentation date

Step 2: at least four weeks before presentation date

  • Once the committee is agreed upon it must be approved by the Graduate Officer/Director. Contact your supervisor/graduate coordinator for instructions on how to have your committee approved.

Step 3: timing varies depending on department

The following items must be completed at least three weeks before your presentation date for students in Computer Science, 15 calendar days for students in Applied Math, and at least two weeks before for all other students:

  • When your committee is approved and the thesis is ready to be reviewed, an electronic copy should be provided to each member.
  • Each committee member must sign the Agreement to Read MMath Thesis Form.
  • The signed form must be submitted to your department coordinator along with a copy of the thesis. Your coordinator will submit the form to MGO.
  • NOTE: After MGO receives your signed form and thesis, we will distribute an announcement confirming your display dates (please allow 1-2 business days for processing). Your display period starts when MGO receives your signed form and thesis. If your thesis requires a presentation, then the presentation date must occur after the display period ends.
    • CS Students – your display period is 3 weeks from the day MGO receives your form
    • All other departments – your display period is 2 weeks.

Step 4: After your presentation/reader review

  • Credit for your thesis is received after your committee approves your thesis and presentation (if applicable). Once approved, a signed thesis acceptance certification form to your department’s Graduate Chair/Director. Check with your graduate coordinator to determine who prepares the form.

Step 5: After thesis approval

  • If you are not a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada, you may not engage in employment with the University (TA or RA) past your degree completion date, unless;

    • you hold a valid work permit, or,
    • you have applied for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP).
      • Review the information on PGWP for specifics on applying for a PGWP and your status in Canada during the application period. Supporting documentation (copy of work permit or proof of submission of PGWP) can be loaded directly into WorkDay (in Workday, click View All Apps, then click Personal Information and then Worker Documents. You will then be prompted to upload the document). Failure to maintain work authorization may result in jeopardizing your future immigration applications.

  • Once your thesis has been approved and all degree requirements are met, your graduate coordinator will inform you when you can submit your thesis to UWSpace. Ensure your thesis adheres to the University of Waterloo thesis regulations prior to submission.
  • When approved, this copy will be accepted as the official thesis deposit. Once this step has been completed you may prepare to graduate. Please review Prepare to Graduate/Convocation for more information.

Tips and Resources:

  1. Pay attention to the important dates in the academic calendar when planning your timeline to completion. You may want to ensure that you finish prior to convocation/refund deadlines.
  2. The Writing and Communications Centre provides support to help you write your thesis. Consider enrolling in some of their programming such as Rock Your Thesis or Dissertation Boot Camp.  They also provide one-on-one support and online learning resources.
  3. The Library has additional information on UWSpace and copyright issues.
  4. IST has put together a comprehensive guide to the electronic thesis.