We are committed to providing support to students whether that be through providing personalized accommodations or providing exceptions to students in extenuating circumstances. If you ever feel that you are experiencing something outside of your control that is impacting your studies during a term, such as illness or bereavement, you should always speak to an academic advisor because they're here to help and then you may make a petition for academic relief.

Note that the Math Undergraduate Office (MUO) no longer provides upcoming Standings & Promotions (S&P) meeting dates and deadlines on our website. 

Steps to file a Petition:

Petitions are accepted on a rolling basis. They are reviewed regularly and students can expect a response within three weeks of submission. A petition consists of a completed online form and your supporting documents.

  1. Start by discussing your situation and the petition process with an academic advisor. 
  2. You can access the Petition for exception to academic regulations form online. Remember to read and follow the instructions on the form very carefully.
  3. Gather any supporting documents that will support your case. Such documentation may consist of:
    1. certification of illness/injury from a medical professional (e.g., Verification of Illness form);
    2. statements from employers regarding work hours/conditions;
    3. documentation for personal difficulties from an appropriate counselling individual/body, (e.g., Counselling Services, AccessAbility Services, a university chaplain or other clergy);
    4. verification of bereavement (e.g., obituary notice);
    5. court documents or police reports;
    6. letter from a residence staff member, with residence Don's input as appropriate;
    7. hospital records with dates.
  4. Follow the instructions on the online form and upload all relevant documents. If you require assistance, contact

Students should prepare their petition in a manner that clearly conveys their circumstances and timeline of events. The committee makes its decision based on a student's: 1) petition submission, 2) past petition record, 3) academic record, and 4) supporting documentation. If there are important facts, they should be included and supported by documentation whenever possible.