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Mathematics and computer science exchanges at University of Waterloo

Welcome to the web page for students considering an exchange to the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Waterloo. If your university is an exchange partner and you meet the requirements, we welcome you to apply for an exchange. To do so, you need to work with the exchange coordinator at your home university.


Exchange students must be registered in a minimum of 3 courses and a maximum of 5 courses per term. Students are restricted to 3 Computer Science courses (courses with the prefix CS).

If a Math undergraduate exchange student wishes to take graduate courses at Waterloo, there are restrictions:

  • You can take a maximum of two graduate courses for the duration of their exchange study at Waterloo. If students take graduate courses then their total maximum course load would be restricted in that term:
    • 1 graduate course = no more than 4 courses per term.
    • 2 graduate courses = no more than 3 courses per term.

There are also some restrictions on courses that incoming exchange students can take at Waterloo. Please review this list before choosing courses for your application.

About the Faculty of Mathematics

The Faculty of Mathematics is committed to making important contributions to undergraduate and graduate teaching, research and innovation across the full range of our academic departments:

Outstanding students are drawn to our Faculty from across Canada and around the world, with international students forming nearly half of the undergraduate student body. Our undergraduate teams regularly place high in the North American Putnam Mathematics Competition, and in the worldwide ACM computer programming competition.

We operate on a three four-month term (semester) system with terms fall (September to December), winter (January to April) and spring (May to August). And yes, we have a beautiful summer despite the term names.

About the University and City of Waterloo

The University, now 60 years old, is renowned for its programs/plans in Computer Science, Mathematics, Actuarial Science and Engineering. Learn more about the university

Waterloo is a small bustling city located about one hour west of Toronto, Canada’s largest and most cosmopolitan city. Waterloo and its connected city Kitchener is the home of high technology firms including the highly successful Blackberry, lots of tech companies and start-ups, several major insurance companies and many manufacturing organizations.