Honours Mathematics

Student doing math homework

Mathematics is everywhere. It's in your digital alarm clock, the weather, the Internet, your retail purchases and so much more. Mathematics is at the core of everything we do and is the foundation of many fields of study, such as commerce, computing, engineering, and science — and essential for asking many fundamental questions about how our world works.

If you enjoy mathematics, whether it's through numbers, patterns, puzzles or symbols, then studies in mathematics may be right for you. 

Honours Mathematics allows you to explore and consider a number of different mathematical fields. If you're not sure which mathematics you like best, you have time to decide. All of our current students in Honours Mathematics take a general first year and study calculus, linear algebra and computer science — with the option to take more mathematics courses to discover their interests. Starting as early as second year, they'll choose a major in Honours Mathematics to focus their math studies.


There are 14 majors for you to choose from within Honours Mathematics. You can study one of these programs by applying to Mathematics. We do not offer direct entry for these majors. 

It is possible to customize your studies by combining majors and adding a minor or two. A conversation with an academic advisor will be needed to declare your major and to add a second major or minor. Some majors will require specific courses to be taken to prove eligibility to declare.  

Explore each of our majors to learn more about their courses, co-op and career opportunities and student experiences. 

Looking for more specialized programs?

Explore studies in our Math and Business and Computer Science programs. 

Mathematics/Bridge to Academic Success in English (BASE)

If you meet all of our admission requirements, except the English language requirement, you may receive an alternative offer to the Bridge to Academic Success in English program, known as Math/BASE. You won't be able to apply to this program. You'll be automatically considered, if you're eligible.