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The atmosphere. I’m surrounded by keen academic people who inspire me to strive higher and to do my best work. It’s an exhilarating environment. If you enjoy mathematics, there’s no better place to be.

What is Mathematics/Teaching?

You’ll apply math to real- world problems

Get paid classroom experience to better prepare you for a Bachelor of Education (BEd) program in Canada. You’ll complete eight academic terms on campus, two work terms that are equivalent to eight months in the classroom, and additional work terms in the classroom or industry. Open to all co-op students in Honours Mathematics, you can apply to the program as a major in your 2A term. Choose a second teachable subject such as computer science, physics, chemistry, biology, French, English, music, or business. You’ll be prepared to teach at the intermediate/senior level (grades 7 to 12). To complete your BEd, apply to Faculties of Education in Ontario for studies that begin after you graduate from Waterloo.

  • Available as a co-op program
  • There are 40 courses for this degree
  • Graduate with a Bachelor of Mathematics, major Mathematics/Teaching

First-year courses

  • Math 135/145 - Classical Algebra
  • Math 137/147 - Calculus 1
  • CS 115/135/145 - Computer Science
  • A communications course
  • One non-math elective

See full courses in our undergraduate calendar.

Required courses

  • MTHEL 206 - Introduction to Mathematics Education
  • ACTSC 221 - Introductory Financial Mathematics
  • CO 250- Introduction to Optimization

Upper-year courses

  • AMATH 331 - Applied Real Analysis
  • CO 480 - History of Mathematics
  • MTHEL 206 - Introduction to Mathematics Education
  • PMATH 320 - Euclidean Geometry
  • PSYCH 212 - Educational Psychology

Recommended courses

  • SOC 207 - Sociology of Education
  • PSYCH 212 - Educational Psychology
  • CO 380 - Mathematical Discovery and Invention

Customize your degree

Mathematics/Teaching is a program that provides each student a choice. Students may choose to broaden their knowledge by taking a wide variety of courses from disciplines such as Applied Math, Combinatorics and Optimization, Statistics, Computer Science, and Pure Math. Alternately, students in the program may choose to focus their studies in one of these disciplines.

Sample co-op jobs

  • Instructional Support Assistant, University of Waterloo
  • Math Teacher Intern, Hillfield-Strathallan College
  • Math Residence Tutor, Bronte College
  • Teacher Intern, Tanenbaum Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto

Sample careers

  • Computer Science and Mathematics Teacher, Milton District High School
  • Director, Math/Teaching Program, University of Waterloo
  • Head of Mathematics, Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute
  • Headmaster, Country Day School
  • Online Learning Consultant, University of Waterloo
  • Teacher, Appleby College
  • Instructor, University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Student story 

Meet Daniel

Daniel has gained teaching experience by working in instructional roles on co-op. He's worked as a CS 106 Instructor and a Math Teaching Intern. Outside of his work, he has grown his skills mentoring students by leading Math Orientation Week as the director and has headed up MathSoc as a Board of Directors member. Daniel is a mathematician first but does serve as a journalist for MathNews - the "voice' of the math student at Waterloo.

Meet Kyle

Experience a level of hands-on classroom involvement that’s totally unique to our Math/Teaching program. Before you even get in front of a class, you’ll get an introduction to how to teach math, taught by some experienced math teachers, and full of real, practicable advice on lesson planning and test setting.

Similar programs

All of our mathematics programs can potentially lead to a career in teaching as you will need to apply for a Bachelor of Education after completing the Bachelor of Mathematics, major in Mathematics/Teaching to become a qualified teacher.

Mathematics/Teaching provides in-class teaching experience with students and classes to prepare for this profession.

How to apply

Apply to Mathematics for admissions consideration. If admitted, speak with an academic advisor after first year to declare Mathematics/Teaching as a major. An interview will be required to declare this major.

Find out more information on the steps to apply.